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Chelsea Clock

Chelsea Clocks were looking to produce a promotional film that captured the essence and art of their work.

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Automotive Video


Video content that drives action in the Automotive industry. Looking to launch a new product or show off a cool feature? How about some animated explainer videos? Want to communicate advancements in tech or engineering? Get your team up to speed through a series of…


Video production services for the Healthcare Industry.  The healthcare industry has never been as prominent in the mainstream media. It’s a crucial and fast moving sector, often with complex challenges and technical messages that can easily overwhelm audiences. Video content is the ideal medium to…


Video production services for the Education industry. The very nature of video means that topics can be visualised more simply, using animation and live demos to help communicate complex messages and deliver information in an accessible visual format.  We work with education and e-learning brands…


Video production services for the Biotechnology industry Due to the highly technical nature of the industry, explaining processes and product launches can be tricky. Written copy can quickly turn people off and over-simplistic infographics run the risk of trivialising important messages. Our Creative Directors add…


Video production and content marketing strategy for the Financial Services industry. With a reputation for being highly competitive and (let’s face it) a little complex, attracting and retaining customers can be a challenge. But with the right video production team in place, a content marketing…


Video production services for the Manufacturing industry. Our creative video production team are industry experts. Their talent is unrivalled when it comes to deconstructing complex subjects and transforming mundane processes into beautiful and impactful narratives that drive action. From process explainer videos and how to…


Pharmaceutical video marketing services.  Medical and health research is advancing faster than ever before, so your video marketing strategy must work hard to capture the attention of medical professionals and patients alike. In the age of technological novelty and the sheer volume of information and…


Travel & Hospitality

Video content & production services for Travel and Hospitality. Perhaps you’re looking to communicate safety protocols, maybe you want to show off your collection of luxury hotels through a suite of destination videos, or maybe you need video content to keep your social media platforms…

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