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Video has become one of the most effective forms of content marketing used today with explainer videos leading the way for their ability to bring products and services to life.

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Communicate the unique elements of your brand, product or service with Explainer Videos.

Explainer videos are and effective medium with which to communicate how your business or products help to deliver value to your customers.

With B2B products and services, offering customers an additional helping hand to understand what you do and how you can help them goes a long way to build trusting relationships.

Using video to deliver this gives you the opportunity to explain exactly how your organisation works, the features and benefits of your offering and the experiences of existing clients in a digestible and compelling way.


increase in understanding of products and services through video


of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service


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The ideal partner to power-up your video production.

When you work with us you’ll have access to:

A talented team

Our producers, creative directors and video experts come from a variety of backgrounds including copywriting, designing, directing, filmmaking, production, commercial application and more. Our talented people are passionate about every stage of the video process and fueled by creativity. 

We produce bespoke content to deliver explainer videos that really connect with your audience. Whether mixed media, animation or live action, our brilliant team of video specialists get under the skin of your brand to deliver customised content that’s digestible and provoking – it’s a natural talent

A global network

Wooshii gives you on-demand access to the best video talent across the globe. Whether you’re looking for creative ideation, complex animation styles or influencer insight – we’ve got them all at our fingertips.

What’s more, it also means we can tap into local knowledge and cultures to make sure your video content hits the right notes with your audience – no matter where in the world they’re based.

Seamless project management

Video production often involves carting crews and equipment all over the world. But our unique model cuts down on the airmiles by activating local crews from our creator network and managing each project from our central hub. 

This allows us to not only reduce carbon emissions, but also brings cost and time savings. No waiting around for crew availability and no delays at customs! Our talented producers take care of all the complex logistics, so the process for the client is simple and stress-free.


What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is essentially a piece of content that, you guessed it, explains something! That could be a product, service, process or piece of corporate communication. It can take a number of different formats including animation, motion graphics, testimonial or live action, and its sole purpose is to communicate detailed information to educate your audience.

What are the different types of explainer videos?

There are several different types of explainer videos, from 2D animation to motion graphics and live action, and they all differ in terms of cost and application.

-2D Animation: A traditional animation technique that uses hand-drawn or computer-generated images to support storytelling. This type of animation can be highly effective in creating a memorable and engaging experience for the viewer, and it’s also the most cost-effective style to produce. It doesn’t require high resource levels such as crews and kit, it’s much faster turnaround – particularly when it comes to making tweaks and adjustments – and it’s highly effective at conveying complex concepts and ideas in a simple manner.

-Whiteboard Animation: This is a style of animation that uses a whiteboard as a backdrop, often with a hand shown to be drawing the illustrations and text on the whiteboard in real-time.

-Motion graphics: Motion graphics refers to video content that’s made up of different moving graphical elements including animation, text and other digital footage. This type of animation can be highly effective in promoting a product or service, and in building brand awareness. Motion graphics can be relatively expensive to produce, but can be highly effective in conveying complex concepts and ideas in an engaging way.

-Live-action and animated hybrid: This type of animation combines live-action footage with animated elements, such as characters, infographics, and special effects. This type of animation can be effective in providing a realistic and engaging experience for the viewer. It can be relatively expensive to produce, depending on the complexity of the project.

-Screencast: A screencast is a video recording of the computer screen, often accompanied by narration and/or audio. This type of animation is often used to demonstrate how software or an app works, and it can be cost-effective and effective for B2B explainer videos.

The cost and effectiveness of each type of explainer video can vary depending on the specific product or service being promoted, the intended audience, and the overall goal of the video.

How can an explainer video be used to increase conversions and sales?

An explainer video can be used to increase conversions and sales by:

-Simplification: An explainer video can be used to simplify complex concepts and ideas related to a product or service, making it easier for the viewer to understand and increase purchase intent.

-Highlighting key messages: An explainer video can be used to highlight the benefits and features of a product or service, making it more appealing to potential customers.

-Creating connections: An explainer video is an easy and powerful way to create an emotional connection with the viewer. By using storytelling and persuasive techniques, your viewer is more likely to be interested in the product or service.

-Creating a sense of urgency: An explainer video can be used to create a sense of urgency by highlighting limited-time offers, discounts, or other incentives. This can encourage the viewer to take action and make a purchase.

-Providing a call-to-action: An explainer video should include a clear call-to-action, such as a link to purchase the product or service, or a phone number to call to make a purchase. This can make it easy for the viewer to take action and make a purchase.

-SEO: By optimising your explainer video by including keywords in the title, description, and tags, you can increase the chances of the video being found by potential customers when they search for related products or services.

-Placement and distribution: The explainer video should be placed in strategic locations where potential customers are likely to see it, such as on a company’s website, social media channels, and other online platforms where your target audience is consuming content.

Overall, an explainer video can be a powerful tool for increasing conversions and sales by simplifying complex concepts, building trust, creating an emotional content.

How can an explainer video be used to create a memorable and engaging experience for the audience?

-Tell your story: Storytelling techniques help to create a memorable and engaging experience for the audience. A well-crafted story makes information more relatable and interesting, and can make it easier for the audience to retain the information.

-Visuals: Using visuals, such as illustrations and animations, can help to make the video more engaging and memorable. Visuals can help to break up complex information and make it easier to understand.

-Use humor: Incorporating humor can help to make the video more engaging and memorable. Humor can help to break up the monotony of the information and make the video more relatable.

-Keep it simple: Keep the information simple and easy to understand. Avoid using jargon or technical terms, and instead use plain language that can be easily understood by the audience.

-Keep it short: Keep the video short, ideally between 1-2 minutes. This will help to keep the audience engaged and prevent them from losing interest.

-Use consistent branding: Incorporating your company’s branding and visual identity can help to build trust and recognition, while building awareness at the same time.

-Use interactive elements: Incorporating interactive elements, such as polls and quizzes, can help to keep the audience engaged while supporting learning outcomes.

-Make it accessible: Ensure that the video is accessible to all viewers, including those with disabilities. This can be achieved by providing captions or subtitles, and by using a clear and easy-to-read font.

-Mic check: Use music and sound effects to add an emotional dimension to the video and make it more engaging.

-Make it shareable: Encourage viewers to share the video with their colleagues, this will help to increase its reach and impact.

What is the best length for an explainer video?

The best length for an explainer video depends on the subject matter and the audience. Generally, shorter videos (1-2 minutes) are more effective for capturing and maintaining the viewer’s attention, but longer videos (up to 5 minutes) can provide more detailed information and are often more suitable for complex subjects. Ultimately, the goal should be to keep the video as short and engaging as possible while providing all the necessary information.

How much will it cost to produce an explainer video?

We’re available to help with any kind of video production, and we can do it all—from script writing and casting to directing and editing. Our projects usually start from £10,000, but our prices vary depending on the scope of your project. If you’re looking to get started on something new, get in touch!

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