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Scaling the Everest of Product Videos

The Client

Imodco is the leading supplier of CALM buoys, with over 450 systems designed and installed worldwide since 1958. They are a dedicated CALM Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation contractor.

The Brief

Imodco won a large contract and were about to begin manufacturing a new buoy. They thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create a video that demonstrated their immense capabilities and experience in the industry.

The buoy building process would take over a year and filming needed to cover a range of locations which included France, China and Panama.

The Result

It was a challenging project, filming in multiple locations all over the globe, on land and at sea so using our talented network of filmmakers and crew was a must.

With our experienced in-house production and management team we continued to push through in usual Wooshii manner.

We were tasked with creating a 5-6 minute video that showed the buoy building process from design through to completion. The combination of newly shot footage, time-lapses, archive footage and consistent 2D graphics treatment was set in place. Then a 90-second cut-down version was created which was used to create business opportunities.

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