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Actionable Insights From Your Video Data

Master business video with WooshiiInsight

Drive the efficiency and effectiveness of your video activities.

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27001 Certified

“Clear visibility and access to the data helps us do more with less across our video campaigns.”

– Gene Asik, Ebay

Your Own Video Analyst And The Platform We Use


Make Video Work Harder For You

Video Analyst

Video Recommendations Direct To You

The easiest way to analyse,  assess and report on your video data and activities.

  • A video expert to observe and report on your video data.
  • Reports every month. Re-use in your internal reports and act on the recommendations made.

Information at
Your Fingertips

Full access to our proprietary platform.

Forget multiple data dashboards and hours spent updating spreadsheets.

Our platform provides full visibility on your video data from engagement rates to ROI, video health to share of voice.


WooshiiInsight will help you MASTER video

A Powerful Addition to Your Video Operation

  • Bring together all the information from multiple video platforms
  • Maximise the value of video content you already own
  • Measure and report on the effectiveness, value, impact and the ROI of your video operation
  • Create the right videos at the right time for the right target audience
  • Benchmark against your industry or peers and identify opportunities in the competitive landscape
  • Receive actionable insights




Technology Enabled Service

Getting Started With WooshiiInsight



Our team dive into your initiatives, goals and concerns.



We connect to your video sources.



Your data is tagged and enriched.

Wooshii Insight on a Laptop


Data is visualised inside the platform.

Insight Comparison Page


Actionable insights provided by our analyst.

Make Your Video
Work Harder

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

Plans start at $1800 per month for teams looking to monitor their own activity up to larger plans designed for those looking to get a view across multiple teams and departments.

Is the data analyst included?

Absolutely! You will have a dedicated data analyst answering your questions and sending you regular recommendations based on the WooshiiInsight analytics results.

Which factors are measured?

Wooshii Insight measures a wide variety of metrics.

Starting with standard metrics like video engagement and taking these to the next level to calculate Return on Production Costs amongst others.

We also create an overall video playability index and determine the unique Wooshii Health Score.

All metrics will be used to benchmark your videos against your competitors’s videos.
You will also be able to add your own custom metrics.

How secure is Insight?

Technical: Insight uses state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure the security of the platform. The application uses HTTP/SSL throughout as well as a micro-services infrastructure that routes every request through an Identity service, meaning users can only access data they’re meant to.

Application: You can assign Users to Groups to restrict which sections of your data they can access.

Practical: We are being certified in ISO 27001 Information Security Management.

How much storage will I get?

Insight doesn’t store any of your videos so there’s no need to worry about storage. Instead, it looks at the platforms you use and creates an index of content and analytics data.

The platform you use to store videos (e.g. Brightcove) may have a limit, but we do not.

Wooshii Insight on a Laptop

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