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Video Analytics & Creative Analysis

All Your Video Data In One Place.

Report on your current state and drive insight that informs your next campaigns.


27001 Certified

Video Data, Analytics & Insight

Access, Enrich & Understand Your Video Data

Unified data and insight is the key to making smarter content decisions.

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Video performance data is inaccessible and fragmented across platforms.

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All your video performance data together.

Add smart classifications, filtering, enrichments, accessible dashboards and an AI-powered data analyst.

Connect & Aggregate

All your data in one place.

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Access To The Data You Need

Data can often be out of reach. Perhaps siloed in data teams or only available on request. Wooshii Insight means you can get access to the data you need when you want it.


Connect To Your Video Platforms

Connect to all the major video platforms, from TikTok to Brightcove …

or request a bespoke connection.

Enriched Data

Go beyond platform data.

Wooshii Features

A Report For Every Video

Bring all your platform data together into one view. From views and likes to shares and engagement.


Automatically Categorise and Label

Our AI will automatically categorise your video by style and type whilst also adding additional data such as estimated production budgets.


Benchmark Engagement

See how you’re videos are engaging your audience with engagement charts and benchmark comparisons


Maximise Your Video Performance

Make sure your videos are fully optimised by checking them against over 30 health factors. Run checks on individual videos or across your entire library.

Dashboards & Charts

Get a clear picture of your video activity.

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Visualise and Analyse Your Video Data

Dashboards and charts of your video data. See how your data stacks up in performance, content, production, health and benchmarking.


Filter & Breakdown

Get granular with your data by numerous Wooshii-Insight unique filters, segments and breakdowns

AI Power

Dive deeper into your content & data.

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Content & Creative Analysis

Our AI engine allows you to access new data and information about your video content.

From use of statistics to shot edit pace. See how over 30 creative factors impact yur videos performance


Get Help Where You Need It

Call on your AI assistant from anywhere in the app to help answer questions.

Your assistant can help you across Wooshii Inisght from helping you to understand data to making suggestions on how to improve your titles or descriptions.

Everyone Is Under Pressure To Create More, Smarter Content.

Learn How Wooshii Insight Can Help You And Your Team Win With Video.

Case Studies.

Helping Biotech Understand Video

Discover how we helped a global Biotech giant save 40% on video production, as well as uncovering hidden procurement, performance & ROI data.

Helping Automotive Understand Video

We helped a global automotive manufacturer audit their video content, to better understand performance and discover how effectively different teams and regions were using video.


What is the cost?

We offer a subscription based model that’s tailored to the individual needs of your business.

Prices can start as little as $1800 per month , and scale as your needs and requirements grow..

Is support included?


You will have a dedicated data analyst available to help answer your questions and send you regular recommendations based on your analytics.

What’s more, you’ll have 24/7 access to Wooshii Quantum – our AI video analyst on hand to help make sense of data, any time, day or night.

What metrics do you measure?

Wooshii Insight measures a wide variety of metrics, including all standard metrics such as engagement and impressions through to more complex data such as return on production costs.

We also measure against over 30 unique creative factors including product mentions, jargon, humour and story arc.

Custom metrics are available on request.

How secure is Wooshii Insight?

Wooshii Insight uses a state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure platform security. The application uses HTTP/SSL throughout as well as a micro-services infrastructure that routes every request through an Identity service, meaning users can only access data they’re meant to.

Within the platform itself, you have full control and can assign Users to Groups to restrict which sections of your data they can access.

We are also ISO 27001 Information Security Management certified.

How much storage will I get?

The beauty of Wooshii Insight is that it doesn’t actually store any of your videos, it just plugs into the platforms you use and creates an index of your content and analytics data

The platform you use to store videos (e.g. Brightcove) may have a limit, but Wooshii Insight does not.

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