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Destination video
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Video is a great way to explain, educate and reach an audience across a multitude of platforms.

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Destination videos: the world through a screen

Although nothing quite beats the real thing, destination video opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to showcasing your travel or hospitality brand. Give your guests a taste of what’s on offer in just a few seconds. We’ll help to produce quality content that ignites action and drives inspiration.

Video can whisk audiences away to any location, set the tone and answer a myriad of questions in seconds. The best destination videos communicate important information while inspiring and exciting your audience at the same time. Customer-centric travel firms understand the importance of helping people to feel safe when travelling. Video is the best way to communicate safety protocols, share stories and inspire wanderlust. 

Over 70%

of travellers look for video to help with their decision making


of consumers would trust a holiday provider using high quality video to showcase their offering


of marketers say that video content generates the best ROI

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The ideal partner to scale-up your destination video production.

When you work with us you’ll have access to:

A talented team

Our producers, creative directors and video experts come from a variety of backgrounds including copywriting, designing, directing, filmmaking, production, commercial application and more. Our talented people are passionate about every stage of the video process and fueled by creativity.

We work in every corner of the world to produce content for our clients, in over 50 different styles and formats. Our global network of creative professionals capture content in a diverse range of shots and frames – whether it’s drone reveals, tracking or panning, our experts know exactly how to deliver consistent, high quality content at scale.

A global network

Wooshii gives you on-demand access to the best video talent across the globe. Whether you’re looking for creative ideation, complex animation styles or influencer insight – we’ve got them all at our fingertips.

What’s more, it also means we can tap into local knowledge and cultures to make sure your video content hits the right notes with your audience – no matter where in the world they’re based.

Seamless project management

Video production often involves carting crews and equipment all over the world. But our unique model cuts down on the airmiles by activating local crews from our creator network and managing each project from our central hub. 

This allows us to not only reduce carbon emissions, but also brings cost and time savings. No waiting around for crew availability and no delays at customs! Our talented producers take care of all the complex logistics, so the process for the client is simple and stress-free.

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