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The Client doesn’t need much introduction, does it? The multinational technology company has been referred to as one of ‘the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world’. It is one of the most valuable brands and so of course we were eager to work on creating Amazon Alexa stories.  

The Brief

Amazon Alexa stories have become a crucial part of Amazon’s marketing campaigns and they’re only becoming more in demand. This year we were asked to produce over 120 deliverables from 6 master videos shot across 3 different countries. Each video featured a different Amazon Alexa customer who shares their unique way of using the product and how it has impacted their life.

The Production

  • -Managing of creative teams and dedicated pre-production, production and postproduction
  • -Researching and Casting
  • -Scripting & storyboarding
  • -Shooting brief and treatment to all filming teams to ensure aesthetic continuity  
  • -Full Post-Production Management, editing, audio mix & colour grade
  • -Bespoke composed music via our network
  • -6x full length 90 sec customer story videos
  • -6x 30 sec Cut Downs
  • -100+ more rescaled and translated video deliverables

We were eager to capture the most authentic stories so our main challenge was to find the ideal people with the most genuine stories to cover a range of topics which included, accessibility, Gen Z, loneliness and ageing. Our team underwent a crucial research period of casting and storytelling before locking in our 6 key participants. 

Amazon has strict brand guidelines, so it was important to use the right language in scripts and direct the correct body language during the interviews, watching out for anything that might become an issue with their legal team later down the line. 


We used local crews to film 2 stories in the UK, 2 stories in France and 2 stories in Germany so that the interviews could be shot in their local languages. We used a 3-man crew in each location to film the interview and B-Roll content who were equipped with a script and storyboard as well as a shot list. During each production we put the client at ease by having a group for comms and regular Zoom dial in’s thought the shoots.

The Result

Great organisation has been essential to the post-production process as we used both external and in-house editors to manage the client’s expectations and deliver the videos in batches. We were tasked with multiple deliverable formats in 5 different languages including, cut down versions, rescaled versions, versions with audio descriptions and translated subtitles. Clear edit briefings helped us to tick off each deliverable one by one as we worked to meet each deadline. 

Safe to say, in usual Wooshii fashion our stories have been a success and resulted in a powerful campaign for Amazon. So much so they are coming back for more next year!

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