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Brand Check
Brand Check

Reveal The True Brand Exposure In Your Video Ads

Use AI to find when your brand is shown or mentioned and map to performance.


27001 Certified

Map Exposure To Performance

Detect The Moments
That Count

Map detected brand mentions or visual elements in a video and understand true brand exposure.



Video ads may be getting views and engagement…

… but how many of those views actually were exposed to your branding or messaging?



AI that can detect logo’s, branding, messages or topics across your video ad campaigns.

Attention graphs that can map these moments to true engagement.

Connect & Integrate

Your Ad Accounts

Ad Integrations


From YouTube to Snap. Brand Check connects up to your ad accounts and pulls in the campaigns and videos you want to analyse.


AI visual and verbal search.

AI Detection

Visual Search

Simply describe the branding that you are looking to detect.

Brand Check then uses AI to look across all your video ads to detect where these brand moments occur.


Verbal Search

Discover how people are talking about your brand.

Give Brand Check your phrase and the AI can then search for close matches, such as key phrases or for broader subject matters and topics.


True Exposure and Performance

We extrapolate engagement graphs for each video.

Brand Check then places your detected moments on to these charts.

This allows you to determine the true viewership of any detected Visual or Verbal moment and hence your true brand exposure.


Measure the impact.

Export Data SCreen

Take The Data Where You Need It

Take these new in creative ad signals and map against your other data sources.


Comparable Scoring

Standardised scores calculated for each video in order to help you compare videos

A New Set Of Creative Ad Signals

Learn How Wooshii Brand Check Can Bring New Insight To Your Video Ad Campaigns


What is the cost?

We offer a subscription based model that’s tailored to the individual needs of your business.

Prices can start as little as $1200 per month , and scale as you add new campaigns.

Is support included?


We have a dedicated account team to take care of onboarding, training and support

What events can I detect?

You can detect any event wether it be visual or verbal.

How secure is Wooshii Brand Check?

Wooshii Insight uses a state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure platform security. The application uses HTTP/SSL throughout as well as a micro-services infrastructure that routes every request through an Identity service, meaning users can only access data they’re meant to.

Within the platform itself, you have full control and can assign Users to Groups to restrict which sections of your data they can access.

We are also ISO 27001 Information Security Management certified.

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