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The Client is a leading alternative banking provider that offers a range of affordable and accessible solutions to US citizens. Built upon custom-built banking technology, Current has rapidly expanded its customer base and currently serves over 2 million American citizens.

The Brief

When discussing the project brief, Current outlined several key agency selection criteria which included innovative concept development, using research and data analysis to inform the creative concept(s), speed of production and lastly, the ability to meet tight deadlines.

In response, we presented three different creative concepts, along with multiple variants of each creative. Working collaboratively with the Current marketing team we carried out concept testing via an online survey of their target market, which in turn guided the creative direction and CTA’s for the campaign.

The Production

We shot this production using a studio LED wall (the very same used on the TV show The Mandalorian) which allowed us to utilise two different sets (day and night) and two different actors, all in one 12-hour production day. By using this technology and not a traditional green screen, we were not only able to get a great new look, but we saved on production and post-production cost and time. The LED screen also assisted the director and actor’s performance by creating an immersive experience, allowing them to visualise the scene.

The Result

Current was very pleased with the production process and overall quality of creative output. We are now looking forward to planning the next ad campaign and developing new creative concepts to further increase market share.

What did we achieve as partners?

–  Creation of 2 x 30 second TV commercials and 2 x 15 second social media commercial

–  Managing of creative teams and dedicated pre-production, production and post-production services

–  Creative ideation using Wooshii’s creative pool and internal network for
scripting, storyboarding and style framing

–  Sourcing and purchasing of props and wardrobe

–  Casting, recording and delivering professional acting on screen

We were really impressed with how fast you were able to pivot to meet our needs. I have worked on other commercials before where this would not have been accomplishable, so it was very impressive how quickly you were able to address everything for us and also hit the deadline.

Jake Birnbaum 
Senior Editor, Current

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