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Helping Automotive Understand Video

We helped a global automotive manufacturer audit their video content, to better understand performance and discover how effectively different teams and regions were using video.

The Project

Looking at their publishing cadence in relation to video views, we were able to report that the decline in the volume of videos being published was having a direct impact on declining view rates.

In turn, this would also drive down general channel activity and performance.

We looked at comment activity and sentiment, noting that comments with negative terms seemed to be on the rise and the client did not appear to be engaging or addressing this. Though the general audience did not seem to be participating in negative commentary.

We suggested the client start engaging with comments, in order to help to steer the conversation and drive positive participation.

Helping Automotive Understand Video
Comment Sentiment


Looking at overall video engagement, the client’s shorter videos were performing well against the benchmarked anticipated levels of engagement.

However, their long-form content was below the benchmark.

We gave recommendations on long-form content ideas, including webinars, podcasts, or interviews in order to drive more engaged and valuable audiences.


We looked at binary gender representation across the client’s library, using a data model that looks at facial features to classify a binary male or female.

We found that over 69% of those depicted in the client’s videos were male, meaning there was an opportunity to close the gender equality gap in future video comms.

We identified opportunities for our client to increase their subscriber base, and therefore potentially improve all other engagement metrics.

We did this by benchmarking against a number of competitors to analyse the share of views, the share of subscribers, and the share of content.

We discovered that our client has a similar volume of content to their competition, but a much lower subscriber count.

Helping Automotive Understand Video

Key Takeaways

How to grow subscribers
Helping Automotive Understand Video
gender representation

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