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High Volume Production for 2024 Marketing Content.

Duni Group

2024 Marketing Content

Duni Group is one of the leading creators of sustainable and innovative concepts for table set and take-away, offering high-quality and environmentally-sound products, such as napkins, table covers, and candles, along with packaging and packaging systems for take-away.

They came to Wooshii with the ambition of looking at their entire marketing strategy for 2024, and creating a series of videos in one production session which could then be published throughout the year.

We created a production plan to shoot all the content in bulk during one week, allowing the client to be present on-set, collaborate with us during the shoot and oversee everything from start to finish.

At the beginning of the week, we made a start on our big hero advert which included a huge set design and multiple different scene changes. As the week went on, we scaled back the set to focus in on more intricate, specific product ads.

Every day came with a new challenge, but what was most appealling to Duni was our ability to take away a lot of the pain and stress that companies experience when they need to plan and deliver video content at higher volumes.

With key client stakeholders on-set for the duration, Duni was able to view the process on the monitor and approve of everything live – giving them confidence that they would leave with everything they needed.

We were able to bring so many different groups and talented individuals together through the Wooshii Creator Network, all coming together to help under take Duni’s challenge.

From set builders, lighting and camera teams to DIT, costume, make-up, food styling and caterers – all helping to provide a seamless and cohesive production experience for the crew and the client.

The Result

Over the course of 5 flming days, we delivered 9 different videos including a hero ad and product explainers. The Duni team were thrilled to have been part of the process, being able to see behind the scenes and get a hands-on experience of how video is made.

Check out what went on behind the scenes below👇

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