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Say goodbye to snooze-fest HR initiatives and hello to lively and entertaining videos! Give your brand the spotlight it deserves with professional video production that’ll change the game.

Let’s make learning and development way more fun. Who says HR has to be all work and no play?

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Video production services for the HR,
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Ditch the dry HR stuff and bring some excitement to your recruitment, training, and employee communication with the help of video production. These dynamic and visually appealing videos can effectively communicate your company culture, training, benefits, and values to prospective candidates, making them feel like they’ve hit the jackpot before they even start.

And why not say goodbye to clunky onboarding experiences? Custom training videos will help new employees settle in and learn the ropes in no time. Plus, keep your entire workforce in the loop with regular company update videos.

Don’t miss a beat with HR-related events and proceedings – video production can also help you document everything accurately and ensure compliance with HR policies and regulations.

In a world where attention spans are shorter and competition for top talent is fierce, video production is the key to standing out and creating a winning HR strategy. That’s why at Wooshii, we’re dedicated to delivering top-notch video production for HR departments looking to make a real impact on their employees’ lives. Whatever your style, reach out to us, and let’s unleash the power of video today!

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How can video help my company improve employee training and development?

There’s a number of different ways video can be used to improve training and development for your business From “how-to” videos that demonstrate how to perform specific tasks or use certain tools, bite-sized training videos that showcase best practices or facilitate learning, through to human resources focused topics such as recruitment, company culture and employee onboarding. Video not only makes training more engaging and enjoyable, but it’s a time and cost-effective tool to deliver messages at scale.

A video production partner like Wooshii can assist with creating high-quality, custom videos tailored to your organisation’s needs and goals, ensuring that your training or HR videos are informative, engaging, and effective at developing skills and recruiting and retaining talent.

What are some effective video marketing strategies for Human Resources or Learning & Development teams?

-Create videos that showcase what it’s like to work at your company and highlight your core values. These videos are great for recruitment and on-boarding.

-Create videos that showcase job positions, the hiring process, and employee testimonials to attract the right candidates.

-Create educational and informative videos: To teach employees new skills or highlight important updates about policies and procedures.

-Social media is a key tactic for video distribution for recruitment, and hosting video on internal comms platforms makes learning and development quick and easy for everyone!

-Personalise your videos: Create personalised videos that address specific employee needs or learning goals.

-Create interactive video content: Develop interactive videos that encourage employee engagement and allow them to interact with the content – for example a quiz at the end of each section.

How do I create effective Learning & Development videos for my company?

-Define your goals: Start by defining the objective of your video. Are you trying to teach new skills, explain company policies, or showcase company culture?

-Create a script: A well-written script is the foundation of any good video. Write a script that reads like a story, focusing on key points that are engaging, informative, and easy to understand.

-Use visuals: Use visuals such as graphics, animation, and real-life examples to make your videos more engaging and memorable.

-Keep it concise: Employees are busy, so keep your videos short and to the point. Aim for videos that are between 2-5 minutes long for maximum effectiveness.

-Add music and sound effects: Adding music and sound effects can help to make your videos more engaging and impactful.

-Test and refine: Once your video is complete, test it with a small group of employees and get feedback. Use this feedback to further refine your video and make it even better.

How can we measure the success and ROI of our HR/L&D video campaigns?

-Track video views: Measure the number of views on your videos to gauge the level of interest and engagement from your employees.

-Track engagement metrics: Look at engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments to gauge the level of interaction with your videos.

-Analyse completion rates: Analyse the percentage of viewers who watch your videos from start to finish to determine their effectiveness.

-Conduct surveys: Conduct surveys to gather feedback from your employees on the effectiveness of your videos and how they can be improved.

-Track employee performance: Measure the impact of your video campaigns by tracking employee performance metrics such as job performance, productivity, and engagement.

To calculate ROI, compare the cost of creating and distributing your videos to the benefits they provide. This can include increased employee engagement, reduced training costs, improved employee retention, and other benefits.

We can assist you in tracking and measuring the success and ROI of your video campaigns. WooshiiInsight is our very own platform that monitors metrics across different channels, coupled with monthly commentary from our video experts, designed to help you make informed decisions about how to optimise and improve your strategy moving forward.

How much does it cost to produce a video?

We can help with any kind of video production, and we’ve expertise in all the nitty gritty too—from script writing to casting, directing and editing. Our video projects usually start at £10,000, but prices vary depending on the scope and scale of your project. If you’ve got your Recruitment or Learning & Development strategy nailed for this year, get in touch and let’s talk about how video can make it even more valuable for your business!

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