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Our first virtual production with Mettler Toledo

The Client

Mettler Toledo is an industry leader that prides itself on innovation and quality. With a commitment to supporting the entire value chain, they offer a wide range of weighing, analytical, and inspection solutions, making them the go-to provider for businesses across the globe.

The Brief

Our client presented us with a challenge: to produce a product launch video that would captivate and inspire interest in their product. The video had to effectively communicate the technical specifications to their targeted audience, while also conveying a sense of vibrancy and excitement.

To achieve this, the client requested that we incorporate stock footage to demonstrate the practical applications of the product, as well as live footage that showcased the device’s appearance. Additionally, the video was required to feature a voice-over and music that would align with the client’s brand identity.

The Result

We didn’t just meet the client’s expectations – we exceeded them! By filming in a virtual production environment, we were able to bring a level of creativity and sophistication to the project that elevated the production value to new heights.

Our team put in countless hours of meticulous planning to ensure that every shot was carefully crafted and perfectly aligned with the client’s vision. We even went the extra mile by selecting stock footage that required their approval prior to filming.

To ensure that everything was perfect, we conducted test days and a recce before filming to make sure that every detail was in place. And when it came time to shoot, we nailed every single shot on the first try, capturing all the necessary product shots in a single day. We immediately commenced post-production to ensure that we met our one-week turnaround time, and our team’s dedication and attention to detail paid off.

Thanks to our use of the latest technology, including a virtual LED environment with strobe lights in the client’s brand colours, we delivered a dynamic and visually stunning final product that perfectly embodied the ‘Life in colour’ concept.

It was a thrill to source a cutting-edge virtual production studio and utilize an LED wall for the first time, adding an extra layer of vibrancy and depth to our work. Throughout the project, we maintained open and clear communication with the client to ensure that we exceeded their expectations and delivered a truly outstanding final result.

Our team’s meticulous planning and attention to detail meant that post-production edits were minimal, and we delivered a video that perfectly captured the spirit of the project. It was an absolute pleasure to work on such a creative and exciting project, and we can’t wait to collaborate with the client on future projects!

What’s more, this project went on to be awarded the C2A Creative Communication Award for best Promotional Video / TV / Film / Animation. Check it out here.

“A huge amount of work has gone into the IO-Link single point load cell video and the result was brilliant. Wooshii’s creative approach, flexibility and professionalism were a pleasure to work with.”

Gina Raihani
OEM Segment Marketing Manager, Mettler Toledo

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