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Social Video Services on a Global Scale

Social media video has the ability to bring products and services to life on a deeply personal level, creating awareness, and influencing the decision-making process.

Get Social, Get Seen:

Social Media Videos.

Social videos, whether that’s product demos, how-to videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, customer testimonials, and entertaining content that resonates with their audience – delivering your video on social has a massive business advantage, providing incredible scale and reach to help you drive market share and connect with your audience.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, the world of social video is an exciting one!

With its unparalleled ability to engage viewers, social video advertising is a powerful tool that can help you build brand trust, boost conversions, and connect with your audience like never before.

At Wooshii, we’re experts in creating social videos that are tailored to your business goals and designed to captivate your audience.  Let us help you tap into the full potential of social video advertising   and take your business to new heights!


93% of brands have gained new customers as a result of posting videos on social media


87% of businesses reported that social media videos have helped increase their website traffic


88% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video

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How can we measure the success of our social video campaigns?

Measuring the success and ROI of your video marketing efforts is essential to make informed decisions about your strategy. With video production from Wooshii and performance management through our dashboard WooshiiInsight, you’ll have all the data you need to track key metrics, video performance and competitive benchmarking. Here’s what to focus on:

-Views: How many people are watching your videos? Are they the right people? How long are they watching for? WooshiiInsight brings all your video content together in one place, and helps you track performance across a multitude of metrics, including all traditional performance indicators and proprietary Wooshii rankings such as return on production investment and quality score.

-Engagement: People love to share, like, and comment on videos that engage them. Keep track of those metrics to see how your audience is responding.

-Conversion rate: Are your videos driving the desired action, like filling out a form or making a purchase? Track this metric to see how effective your videos are at converting viewers into leads.

-ROI: Finally, you’ll want to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your video marketing efforts. To do this, subtract your total video production and promotion costs from the total revenue generated by your videos. With Wooshii’s help, you can easily measure your ROI and see how your video marketing efforts are impacting your bottom line.

Discover more about WooshiiInsight – our very own platform that monitors metrics across different channels, coupled with monthly commentary from our video experts, designed to help you make informed decisions about how to optimise and improve your strategy moving forward.

How much will it cost to produce a social video?

We can help with any kind of video production, and we’ve expertise in all the nitty gritty too—from script writing to casting, directing and editing. Our video projects usually start at £10,000, but vary depending on the scope and scale of your project. If you’ve got your marketing strategy nailed for this year, get in touch and let’s talk about how video can make it even more valuable for your business!

How can we create effective social video content?

Creating effective social video content requires a thoughtful approach that takes into account the needs and preferences of your target audience, the platforms where the videos will be shared, and the goals of your marketing campaign. Here are some tips for creating effective social video content:

-Know your audience: In order to create content that resonates with your target audience, it’s important to understand their interests, values, and pain points. This will help you create content that speaks to their needs and motivations and ensure you’re distributing the content across relevant channels.

-Tailor content to specific platforms: Different social media platforms have different video specifications and audience behaviours. For example, TikTok content is fast-paced and focuses on entertainment, whereas LinkedIn content tends to be more professional and focused on thought leadership. Understanding these differences and tailoring your content accordingly will help you create more effective videos that are relevant to the audience across different channels.

-Use storytelling: Storytelling can be a powerful way to engage your audience and create an emotional connection with them. By using narrative elements such as character development, conflict, and resolution, you can create a video that is both memorable and impactful.
-Incorporate humor: Humor can be a powerful way to grab the attention of your audience and create a positive association with your brand. However, it’s important to ensure that the humor is appropriate for your target audience and aligns with your brand’s values and personality.

-Include a clear call-to-action: Every video should include a clear call-to-action that tells the viewer what they should do next. Whether it’s to visit your website, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase, the call-to-action should be clear and compelling.

-Use visually appealing and engaging elements: To grab the attention of your audience, use visually appealing and engaging elements such as animation, graphics, and text overlays. This can help make your video stand out and capture the viewer’s attention.

By following these tips and creating content that is targeted, engaging, and actionable, we can help you create social video content that effectively communicates your brand’s message and drives results.

How can we use social videos to drive sales?

Social videos can be a powerful tool for driving sales by increasing brand awareness, building trust and credibility, and encouraging viewers to take action. Here are some ways you can use social videos to drive sales:

-Use product demos: Product demos are a great way to showcase the benefits and features of your product and give viewers a clear understanding of how it works. By demonstrating how your product solves a problem or meets a need, you’ll be giving the audience the answers they need to drive purchase intent and increase sales.

-Highlight customer testimonials: Customer testimonials are a powerful way to build trust and credibility with your audience. By featuring satisfied customers in your videos, you can demonstrate the authentic value and effectiveness of your product, and encourage potential customers to make a purchase.

-Offer exclusive promotions: Offering exclusive promotions or discounts in your videos can help incentivize viewers to take action and make a purchase. By including a clear call-to-action and a limited-time offer, you can create a sense of urgency and drive sales.

-Create engaging, shareable content: By creating engaging, shareable videos that entertain or educate viewers, you can increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. By including subtle product placements or calls-to-action in your videos, you can encourage viewers to learn more about your product and potentially make a purchase.

-Leverage influencer partnerships: Partnering with social media influencers who align with your brand and target audience can be a powerful way to reach new customers and drive sales. By collaborating on sponsored content that features your product and includes a call-to-action, you can tap into the influencer’s audience and drive sales.

By incorporating these strategies into your social video content, you can effectively drive sales and achieve your marketing goals.

How can we make our videos stand out in a crowded social media landscape?

Here are a few ways to make your online videos stand out in a crowded digital landscape:

-Create unique and compelling content: Make sure your videos offer something new and interesting that sets you apart from others in your industry.

-High-quality production value: Invest in high-quality production equipment, lighting and sound to make sure your videos look and sound professional.

-Optimise for mobile viewing: More and more people are watching videos on their mobile devices, make sure your videos are optimized for mobile viewing – this includes things like making them short, vertical and adding captions.
-Use storytelling and emotional appeal: Use storytelling to create an emotional connection with your audience, this will make your videos more memorable and relatable.

-Use Influencers and User-Generated Content: Collaborate with influencers and encourage your audience to create user-generated content, this will give your videos more reach and credibility.

-Use interactive and dynamic elements: Incorporate interactive and dynamic elements such as quizzes, polls, and interactive video ads to make your videos more engaging and memorable.

-Optimize for SEO: Make sure your videos are optimized for search engines by including relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags. This will drive higher volumes of organic traffic.

-Be consistent with your branding: Use consistent branding throughout your videos to create a strong visual identity and make your videos easily recognizable.

We’ve expertise in a number of different industries and every video style you can imagine, so creating videos that stand out is our bread and butter. Chat to us about how to leave a lasting impression on your audience and drive real results for your business.

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