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Wooshii is built on three pillars that enable us to deliver outstanding HR & Employer Branding video solutions


Creativity at the Heart.
(A global talent network)

What does our global creator network mean for you?

1. Sustainability

Our global network of creators means we don’t have to send film crews and equipment around the globe – they’re already there.

This means:

  • A reduction in carbon emissions
  • No customs red tape and delays
  • No loss of kit in transit
  • Savings in time and costs

2. Resource at Scale

Our huge 16k+ creator network allows us to run fast turnaround projects, large simultaneous global shoots with unlimited production capacity.

These are managed for you by our experienced production teams and supporting in-house post-production studios.

All these mean even the most complex and high volume campaigns to be delivered to meet your needs.

3. Talent

On-demand access to the best video talent from around the globe for crowdsourced initial ideation, through to scripting, and influencer insight.

All available through our extensive, global, resource. Ensuring not only can we get the best in worldwide talent, but also that we can tap into local knowledge and cultures to ensure relevancy – anywhere!

4. Versatility

There is literally no limit to what we can create – thanks to our network. Whether its cutting edge video techniques to economical animation at scale – we have the talent. From social edits to TVCs, we can create any format needed for internal or external communications.

Often we’ll need a particular specialism to ensure the content we create is authentic, or sensitively delivered, or just demands a certain level of market knowledge – we make sure that the right teams work on the right project – anywhere in the world.


Execution is our DNA. (Central control for your peace of mind)

Your Wooshii Client Services team and experienced in-house producers will scope, develop and run your video projects from beginning to end

1. Dedicated Client Services

Wooshii prides itself on best-in-class project delivery, ensuring that all content produced is of the highest quality, on time, and on budget. That’s why we achieve a customer rating score of 9.3. We’ve hundreds of satisfied customers around the world that we’ve helped unleash the full potential of video.

Every client has a dedicated Client Services Director to make sure every project has full ownership.

2. Expert Producers

Our producers, based in both Europe and North America have dealt with hundreds of different production formats, for hundreds of different clients across multiple sectors.

Quality control, accurate timescales, brand adherence, communication and transparency ensure that projects are delivered exactly to our client’s needs. Each client will have two producers allocated to a project to make sure there are no gaps in delivery or communication.

3. Insight

Not only do we have years of market experience creating world-class content for the world’s biggest brands, we also have a dedicated insight team to help drive performance.

Our access to global data sources and our own primary research enables us to support the creative process, understand a customer’s audiences and ensure that we deliver video content with the best performance potential.

4. Financial & Compliance

Wooshii provides you with visibility and central control across your organisations video operations

  • Financial Control – One billing entity and reduced non-working spend
  • Transparent Value Chain – fixed price on all projects – no overruns, zero price creep, no hidden penalties
  • Maximised ROI with consolidated purchasing and performance measurement
  • Brand and quality assurance
  • Legal and compliance monitoring and enforcement
  • Protection and optimisation of asset value

Data is our Utopia! (Technology that connects all the pieces)

The Wooshii Suite

Our multi-layered, technology suite sits at the centre of your creation, management and measurement of video. All enabling enhanced output, performance and ROI tracking and closing the loop on your video operations.

Wooshii Technology Map
WooshiiDynamic Logo

An AI powered platform built to deliver effective, personalised video communications at scale.

  • dramatically improves the drives effectiveness and efficiency of paid video campaigns
  • connects audience data, ad content and automated distribution to create a continuous flywheel of optimisation,
  • works across all major video channels (Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram)
WooshiiNetwork Logo

Connecting the world’s greatest creative talent.

From Animators to Editors, Copy Writers to Voice over Artist, Creative Directors to Actors, DOPs to Production Companies – if you’re involved in video – we’d love you to join our community.

Join here

WooshiiSend Logo

The simplest and quickest way to share video files.

  • Near-instant processing
  • Auto-generated video resolutions generated as download options
  • One-click branding, password protection, feedback and approval settings
  • Real-time video feedback tool

(Private Beta)

WooshiiWorks Logo

Make your video projects work harder via the new WooshiiWorks platform.

A consolidated view so you know what videos you have across your business and platforms, therefore, exporting faster.

  • Consolidated view so you know what videos you have across your business and platforms 
  • Quicker outputs – one-click resizing or reformatting for all major video channels
  • Localise – in-platform translation and localisation
  • AI-powered search – find everything you need
  • Clip Identification – use all or part of a video in future projects
WooshiiRemote Logo

Manage remote controlled, professional productions from anywhere in the world.

  • Capture your subjects without calling on a local production crew
  • Control the cameras – exposure, zoom and sound levels 
  • Start and stop the remote camera
  • Quickly send the recording sessions back to your PC
Our Work

Trusted to deliver by some of the biggest brands in the world


How can shoppable and live selling videos convert views into sales?

We all know video is a highly effective marketing tool – it’s the language of the modern internet, the way we tell stories, learn new things and talk to each other.


Wooshii is partnering with Word Forest!

team work tirelessly and with heroic enthusiasm to plant trees which negate carbon emissions, restore biodiversity, provide food and shelter to impoverished communities and teach permaculture in order to ensure sustainable living.

Meet Woosh: The Video Producers Collaboration Tool

We are thrilled to introduce you to Woosh the best place to share, protect and gather feedback with clients and production teams. All you need in a video collaboration tool…with no restrictions!


5 principles for making great shoppable videos

Shoppable video is different from video ads in that they are designed to be watched like organic content – clicking on the video doesn’t take you out of the video, but instead typically adds an item to your cart for you to purchase afterwards. It takes window shopping to another level – if you are looking to jump on google merchant center, find out below how to create brilliant shoppable videos below.


Government Kickstart Scheme = Success!

The Wooshii team are chuffed to share our success in participating with the UK’s government’s Kickstart Scheme. 


We’re going to Money 20/20!

We’re at Money 20/20 We’re visiting the Money 20/20 Conference in Amsterdam, 7-9th June. Are you going to be there? Money 20/20 is Europe’s biggest…


Creating diverse and inclusive video content

It’s a great big world out there, and it’s full of people. 7.9 billion people. Out of those billions a whopping 6.648 billion use a smartphone. That is 83.7% of the world’s population (Statista). This figure is up considerably from 2016 when there were only 3.668 billion users, 49.40% of that year’s global population (bankmycell). 


How to create the perfect animation video

Animated video has been one of the most effective and beloved media formats since Mickey Mouse debuted in Steamboat Willie back in 1928. With ever-improving computer animation technology, it’s increasingly no longer the preserve of big budget studios, with many businesses now using animated videos to great effect.

Dynamic future for video in pharma

INSIGHT REPORT: A Dynamic Future For Video In Pharma

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD In the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, it’s never been more important for brands to stand out from the crowd.  Understandably, there have been…

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