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17 May 2024 Release Notes

Summer is almost upon us and we have a big list of features and fixes to share with you!

Not only are we celebrating the launch of Wooshii Copilot, we have all this to share with you:

Features & Improvements

  • GPT-4o: With a huge speed boost and more creative outputs that follow your knowledge, GPT-4o is now available to be used as a choice of language model. It is our new default language model based on its performance in our domain-specific benchmarks.
    Whitelabelling Solution: For customers on the right plan, we now offer the choice to replace the copilot logo, rename “Copilot” through the application to something else, and rename “Project Copilot” to something else. This solution, when enabled, replaces these 3 things across the entire organisation.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom instructions for knowledge (e.g. “don’t use this”) are now optional
    Banners, content, scores or rationale would sometimes disappear
    First message was sometimes invisible on the first draft screen
    Adding a URL attachment broke the output
    Output not updating as changes were being made by agents live
    The switch to make knowledge scorable wasn’t showing up

Your feedback drives our enhancements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!

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