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Data-driven Video: Practical Steps to Enhance Your Video Content

Calling all content teams! We’re turning our lens towards a new, tech-enabled and dynamic way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of video content for enterprise — by using data to inspire and drive creative ideation.

Today we’re turning our lens towards a new, tech-enabled and dynamic way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of video production for enterprise — by using insight to inspire creative ideation, resulting in data driven video content. This method blends the worlds of raw data and creative content, driving the creation of video content that engages audiences, communicates effectively and provides better results.

Data-driven creative ideation: Defined

Data-driven creative ideation. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s also an innovative approach that uses insights gleaned from data analysis to inform and enhance the creative process. 

In the context of video content, the sort of data that creative teams have access to – like audience demographics, viewer habits, or engagement rates – offer little in terms of creative inspiration. But what if you could go beyond these standard metrics? What if, rather than creating content based on hunches or assumptions, or trying to reverse engineer your strategy, you could use concrete, quantifiable data from existing content and use it to build more impactful, relevant videos that hit the mark and drive ROI?

The Role of Data in Video Content Creation

3.7m videos are uploaded to YouTube alone, every single day. It’s a saturated landscape. But Wooshii is making data the ‘unseen director’, guiding the narrative. It’s like our compass, helping to navigate the vast sea of content possibilities to find the best way for you to connect with your audience.

The role of data in video creation is multifaceted. First, it helps identify and hone your target audience by using demographic data such as age, education level, location, interests, and even viewing habits. This allows us to paint a detailed picture of your audience and how they like to consume video. 

But data also gives insight into the type of content that resonates with your viewers, and can even identify and give guidance on specific lexicon, complexity, length and storytelling styles for optimising performance (if you know where to find it).

By harnessing these insights and using them to inform the creative process, you’ll be setting your content up for success right from the start. 

Let’s explore how Wooshii can support you in gathering this data, and turning it into a treasure trove of creative ideas for your video content.

How To Gather & Organise Your Data

So, you’re all set to embark on your data gathering journey. But do you know where to start? Do you have a fast and effective way to scrape thousands of videos from multiple platforms, and normalise performance data? Do you have access to a data analyst that has hours to spare on this mammoth project? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No’, then let us introduce our secret weapon that will save you time and money, and improve performance all in one.

Enter, Wooshii Insight; an AI-enabled video insight platform for creative teams.

It’s our clever new tool that’s going to change the world of video, supercharge your workflow and help your organisation easily understand things like:

– Your most engaged audience segment and what content resonates best

– What content is trending across your industry

– The optimal style, length and format for campaign content

– What competitors are up to and what’s working well for them

– Clarity on ROI and simple, but accurate, reporting for stakeholders

The Key Benefits

Data Access.

There are numerous places to find video data, but most of our clients tend to keep their content on various social media platforms, content management systems or video hosting sites like YouTube or Brightcove. The problem they face is that it’s often inaccessible or fragmented across platforms. Wooshii Insight has built-in API connections to all major video publishing platforms. This means we’re able to collect and organise your video data in seconds (we don’t even need login details), make it available to you and your team, and present it in easily accessible and readable dashboards.

Easy analysis for you and your team.

So we’ve gathered and organised all of your data. But what now? How do you turn all these numbers and stats into creative fuel for your videos? Well, that’s where our video experts and AI come together to get their hands dirty.

From macro data to micro details, AI unveils the previously hidden performance metrics that actually matter – removing the guesswork from your video and creative ideation.

Our intelligent algorithms aggregate and scan your data to spot trends or patterns, using a number of standardised engagement metrics as well as over 30 enriched creative factors that you can’t access anywhere else; from the use of story arcs or different video styles, to language complexity, pace and even use of humour. The platform then visualises this data for you, giving a clear holistic picture across all of your content as well as detailed analysis at individual level.

You might be the sort of person who likes delving into charts and trends, so this is where you can dive in and interrogate to your heart’s content! Or you can lean on Wooshii Quantum, our AI chatbot, to answer and even suggest questions to ask, while talking you through your data in great detail.

Quantum can identify, summarise and interpret the data creatively – offering ideas and guidance on how to optimise existing content (i.e. your viewers prefer shorter, snappier content or your video is missing key metatags, fix up!), as well as suggesting creative ways to apply these insights to your future video content (i.e. optimal video length is 90 seconds, mention the product X number of times, animations have higher engagement rates.) 

Whether identifying a trend, spotting a pattern or giving recommendations, the AI Analyst helps to provide tangible actions that improve the performance of your videos and drive ROI.

Gaps, Opportunities & Competitor Benchmarking

Everybody wants to understand where they are in the race, and where there may be untapped opportunities to exploit. This information gives you the fuel to be first on scene with unique and engaging content ideas. The best part? Wooshii Insight identifies them for you.

The Wooshii Insight platform already has 219 benchmarks across 22 industries built-in, with more added every single day. It’s never been easier to compare performance and rank competitive positions when it comes to video content. Bringing Quantum back into the picture, why not ask things like ‘What are my competitors doing that I may not have considered before?’, ‘Where does my company sit within the industry landscape?’ or ‘What type of content is resonating in my market?’.

Remember, data is not a straightjacket, but a compass. It’s there to guide you, not limit you. So, use the insights you’ve gleaned to enrich your content, not dictate it.

A Few Examples of Successful Data-driven Video Content

Before we move into this section, let us start by saying we (unfortunately) had no part to play in the following examples. However, these three companies have used data to influence their creative process and reaped fantastic results.

Netflix is a classic example. They used viewer data to create ten different trailers for the final season of House Of Cards, tailoring each version to a specific audience set based on their viewing behaviours. This data led to the creation of personalised content that resonated with viewers worldwide, resulting in higher engagement and viewership of almost 3 million. (New York Times)

Buzzfeed’s Tasty channel is another prime example. They used data insights to find that quick, easy-to-follow recipe videos were a hit with their audience. By focusing on this format, they’ve managed to amass a whopping 100 million likes on Facebook. (Buzzfeed Tasty)

GoPro analysed data from their annual ‘Million Dollar Challenge’ – a competition offering customers the chance to win a share of $1m in exchange for their best content submissions. The brand analysed customer uploads to identify that high-adrenaline, first-person perspective videos were the most popular. As a result, they created more of such content, fuelling their brand image and engagement rates. (GoPro)

These case studies highlight how blending data into the creative process can create a win-win situation for both the company and the audience.

If you’re looking for a new, cost-effective and dynamic way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of video content for your brand – speak to our team today. We’ll even throw in a complimentary audit of your channels, so you can get a taster of what’s possible.

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