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Why Wooshii?

Everyone is searching for ways to do more for less and, over the next 5 years, the ongoing shift to video will present itself as either an increasingly expensive headache or an engine for profitable growth.

The time to supercharge your video operation is now.

With fewer resources and less time, coupled with increasing demand and higher expectations, many existing production capabilities are already at breaking point.

Scaling video using traditional methods is difficult and expensive, and associating impact and ROI is even harder.

So we built a tech-enabled, end-to-end solution that allows enterprise organisations to understand the effectiveness of their video operations, uncover opportunities to drive more value and use data to create better, faster, easier, greener and more cost-effective video content at scale.

A model that’s flexible & efficient.

Any format or style of video, anywhere in the world, accessed from a single production unit.

Our Services & Ways Of Working With Us.

Our Work.

Amazon Alexa – Stories

Amazon was looking to create a series of videos focused on unique and empowering stories that uplifted the spirits of the viewers and promoted Amazon Alexa.

Helping Biotech Understand Video

Discover how we helped a global Biotech giant save 40% on video production, as well as uncovering hidden procurement, performance & ROI data.

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo presented us with a challenge: produce a launch video to captivate and inspire interest in their manufacturing product.

Our Approach



A production solution built for enterprise.


Global reach

We have curated a network of thousands of production teams in every corner of the globe.

This network provides access to local teams and the most skilled creators across any style or genre.


Quality assured

Dedicated Wooshii producers manage every part of your video production.

From ideation to delivery, they ensure the highest standard is implemented at every step.

Scale & speed

The creator network coupled with our project management platform means we have unlimited production capacity; allowing fast turnaround and the ability to run multiple global shoots simultaneously.

Sustainable production

Our unique production model means we don’t have to send film crews and equipment around the globe.

The result? Reduced carbon emissions, no red tape and savings in both costs and timings.




End to end video management.

Dedicated client service team

Our CS teams are your day-to-day contacts. They’re on hand to support throughout your partnership with us – from working through briefs, giving project status updates or supporting with your wider video strategy.

Expert producers

Our Producers manage the entire production process. Quality control, client feedback, managing schedules and logistics as well as brand and legal adherence – they make sure everything is delivered exactly as promised.

Workflows & tools

All Wooshii projects have a clear SLA and end-to-end workflow and delivery process.
This gives you a seamless project experience and peace of mind.


Finance & compliance

Full visibility and central control across your organisation’s video operations.

✔️ One billing entity & fixed pricing

✔️ Maximise ROI by consolidating purchasing & performance measurement

✔️Brand & legal compliance


Master video with actionable insights.

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