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Unlock more value from your video operation

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“Thermo Fisher has built a hugely successful global video operation thanks to Wooshii”

– Andrew Green
Global Marketing Leader,
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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How successful is your
video production operation?

Understand, benchmark & improve


Over the last decade businesses everywhere have raced to embrace all kinds of video-based solutions.

As a consequence, video production has become both a critical activity and a significant and rising cost, yet few businesses truly understand whether their own methods of video production are delivering maximum value, much less what they could easily do to improve.


Wooshii’s Video Value Assessment is a new evidence-based framework and assessment tool.

It allows you to:

  • Benchmark the value of your video operations against industry norms and rivals
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the most effective ways to drive greater value from your video investment

A blueprint built on data


We surveyed over 300 large businesses to find out what it takes to maintain a consistently successful video operation.

The data revealed 18 key behaviours and characteristics that determine how much value businesses get from their video operation.

Using these critical success factors, a simple but powerful blueprint has been created that can be used by any business to shape a winning video operation and understand its value drivers.


A questionnaire-based assessment tool provides objective scores and benchmarks for the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your video operation.

It gives detailed breakdowns of strengths and weaknesses and a clear action plan that identifies quick wins and areas for improvement.

You’ll also have access to our bank of data, allowing for a clear picture of where you fit within the wider industry landscape you operate in.

Squeeze more value and outperform rivals

Let’s get started.

With video production now such an important part of every business, squeezing value from video operations is a great way to stay ahead of rivals.

With easy implementation and prices to suit businesses of every size and scale, book a discovery call with one of our video production experts and start unlocking more value for your company.


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Trusted by enterprise brands across the world

“I would highly recommend Wooshii to anyone wanting production of a professional video – they worked within strict brand guidelines and were extremely professional from start to finish ensuring they delivered on time, in budget and to the brief.”
Katie Melia
Product Marketing Manager,
Optum Health Solutions
“Thermo Fisher has managed to build a hugely successful video operation thanks to Wooshii. We are outputting hundreds of videos a year and Wooshii just makes it all so easy.“
Andrew Green
Global Marketing Development Leader,
Thermo Fisher Scientific
“For our molecular diagnostic product awareness video, Wooshii understood our brand, product, and audience. It was impressive to see how quickly and professionally they communicated throughout.”
Supriya Trika
Content Marketing Manager,
“SCIEX has worked with Wooshii for the past several years to capture scientific presentations from our largest customer-facing event of the year, which encompasses recording and producing upwards of 30 final high res videos from several concurrent rooms and on multiple days. They are incredibly reasonably priced for the service they offer and make the process incredibly easy.”
Melissa Duggan
Senior Marketing Specialist,

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