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The 5 Best Festive Video Adverts of 2022 (UK Edition)

Even if you’re one of those bah humbug advert haters of the world, you have to admit Christmas ads stir up (just a little) nostalgia and anticipation. And who creates that feeling best? Big retailers and supermarkets.

It’s a whole thing watching Christmas video adverts, especially in the UK. It sets the season up and contributes to that magical spark in the air. 

Even if you’re one of those bah humbug advert haters of the world, you have to admit Christmas ads stir up (just a little) nostalgia and anticipation. And who creates that feeling best? Big retailers and supermarkets. They know how to create impact every year with their video marketing. This year feels particularly warm and fuzzy as there is a reinforcement of kindness within all the cheer. 

So, which ad conveyed the best message? Had the wonder, the little burst of joy and fizzle of spirit wrapped in one? Read on as we rank the top 5 festive ads. 

5. Walker’s

This spot goes to Walkers who teamed up with Comic Relief to support mental health programmes this year. They’ve donated 2 million to the cause. It’s got festive music, christmas decor and touches upon the fact this season can be tough too. 

Question. Is it a floating emoji following the main character around or is it in fact a crisp with facial expressions? 

Walkers & Comic Relief | It Feels Good To Share – YouTube

4. Sainsbury’s 

Bridgerton who? Sainsbury’s Christmas video advert is a fairy tale which spotlights the divisiveness over Christmas pudding, accompanied by a mediaeval rendition of Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ – it’s kinda cool. 

Once Upon a Pud | Sainsbury’s | Christmas 2022 – YouTube 

3. Aldi

Love Home Alone? Love carrots? Aldi combines both in its animated retelling of the Christmas classic. The ad is such a success that Aldi has seen its customers waking up at 5:30am to buy the ‘Kevin the Carrot’ plush toy. A TOY CARROT! Demand for Kevin the carrot was so high that queues to access the website spiked over 73,000 customers – all hoping to get their hands on a Kevin of their own.  

Aldi’s 2022 Christmas advert recreates Home Alone storyline – YouTube

2. Asda

The most iconic of the year goes to Asda which sees Will Ferrell reprise his role in Elf to become Asda’s latest seasonal recruit. The remastered footage hits the sweet spot with its original lines and Buddy causing festive havoc in the bustling superstore. 

Overall it’s a winner of an idea to pay homage to everyone’s favourite Christmas movie.

Have your Elf a Merry Christmas | Asda Christmas Advert 2022 – YouTube

1.  John Lewis

(Surprise surprise)

The number one spot and reigning queen of christmas ad goes to John Lewis. This year’s ad is utterly wholesome (as always), serving up holiday spirit by the sleigh load. You can always count on John Lewis to go the extra mile, delivering an authentic message that goes beyond product promotion – this year the focus is adoption, previous years around caring for the elderly – all sprinkled with cinnamon spice and all the magic of Christmas. Enjoy!

Watch the 2022 John Lewis Christmas advert – YouTube

Some more thoughts on Christmas ads? 

Sure. We couldn’t overlook this urm, special ad from Aldi Australia. It’s ridiculous, but hey it’s got us writing about it. This video has two women fighting over a prawn in their ‘You can’t overcook Christmas’ video which encourages the idea of generosity. 

You Can’t Overcook Christmas | ALDI Australia – YouTube

On the other side of the scale is this amazing ad shared by one of our Executive Producers. This is easily liked as it features Kevin Hart.

Shout out to Co-op whose CEO Shirine Khoury-Haq said,  “Whilst many of our competitors are adapting their Christmas ads to reflect the mood of the nation in a cost of living crisis, we are going further by pulling our ad altogether. In doing so we will be shining a light on the need to support vital community causes, throughout the year and not just at Christmas, especially with a deep recession looming.”

What video content would you like to see from mega retailers  and supermarkets in 2023?

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