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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The Client

Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American provisioner of scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables, and software and services to healthcare, life science, and other laboratories in academia, government, and industry.

The Brief

The industry standard is to use ‘ready-made’ or ‘universal blots’, so we created a concept which showcased that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work when it comes to research.

The Result

To stress the importance of customisation we designed a concept that took a humorous look at the world, imagining what life would be like in a “one size fits all” society. The idea was to create a repeatable 30-second format to demonstrate repetition over a long period of time. Each 30-second video could then also be cut down into shorter 15-second clips.

The production team took the idea, elevated it through set design and characterisation to create a highly stylised and effective video series which hit all of the client’s objectives. We also stitched these clips together to create a hero ad.

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