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The Immersive World of Virtual Production

Imagine conjuring up a world in just a few clicks. [Enter] Virtual production. 

If you think about it, filmmakers, directors, producers, and all the creatives involved in the video production process – they’re a lot like magicians. Creating illusions and making us believe a story that isn’t actually there. What’s made this process even easier? Cutting-edge technology like virtual production featuring LED volumes. Wizardry.

Video experts can now tap into limitless surroundings defined solely by your chosen background content. Say goodbye to traditional green screen action because video marketing is at an entirely new level. 

Read on to learn about the mechanics of this magic:

  • What is Virtual Production?
  • The Benefits of Virtual Production
  • Video Creation Process with Wooshii

What is Virtual Production?

Virtual production refers to a filmmaking technique that combines traditional film production methods with real-time computer graphics and digital technology. This creates a seamless integration between physical and virtual elements within a scene. It involves using advanced technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), LED volume walls, augmented reality (AR), computer-generated imagery (CGI), motion capture, facial recognition, laser scanning, and even robotics to enable filmmakers to visualise and capture scenes on set. The Unreal Engine and tools like ILM’s Stagecraft are commonly used for this. With these tools, directors can control many parts of their projects in real-time. This includes setting up camera angles, adjusting lighting, and even managing special effects. This gives directors more efficiency in the creative process.

CGI content made and quickly shown with Unreal Engine feels truly 3D and reacts as the camera moves. This makes things look deeper and more real, thanks to the cool parallax effect.

The Benefits of Virtual Production
  • Enhanced Visual Storytelling:

Welcome a new era of storytelling with engaging narratives set in virtual worlds. With virtual production, the creative possibilities are infinite which allows brands to have more freedom in the way they convey their messages, and with social media timelines bursting with creative expression it is time to stand out from the crowd. Blending human touch with tech like this – is enough to make someone pause their scrolling.

Anyone talking about virtual production usually mentions The Mandalorian – why? Just check out this behind-the-scenes look at how the tech crafted an entire epic TV series. It’s completely revolutionised the way we look at digital video in storytelling.

  • Cost Efficiency:

An all-time favourite phrase (especially in this economy): It’s cheaper. Virtual productions mean a reduction of physical sets, locations, and props, leading to significant cost savings in production budgets. This means brands can reallocate funds to other marketing activities, such as targeted ad campaigns or influencer collaborations.

  • Faster Turnaround Time:

Virtual production streamlines the production process by eliminating the need for physical set construction and weather-related delays. This allows brands to create and launch marketing content more quickly, capitalising on trends and timely opportunities.

  • Flexible Iteration and Adaptation:

The old mantra of “fix it in post” is now becoming “fix it in pre.” Virtual production allows for easily modified and adjusted video footage, allowing directors to take action and marketers to respond to changing market dynamics or audience preferences swiftly. Slight decisions don’t have to be sorted in post-production any longer.

It’s a more direct experience for the client, if they want to be on set they can really see their production happening in front of them. They can see almost the final product.James Cook, Director, Wooshii Network

  • Product Visualisation:

Virtual production enables brands to showcase products in dynamic and interactive ways, enhancing the customer’s understanding of product features and benefits. Consumers can see products in action before making a purchase therefore reducing uncertainty and boosting confidence.

“If you thought you knew what virtual production could do two years ago…you should revisit it. It can do even more now.” Phil Adlam, Head of EXPLOR

And of course, it doesn’t just work its magic with product videos. A virtual production setup can uplift customer testimonial videos, how-to videos, explainer videos – you name it.

  • Consistent Branding Across Video Content:

Expect a controlled setting where brands can maintain consistent visual branding elements, ensuring a cohesive experience across different campaigns. Content is great but is it on brand? Do your social media posts represent and have a memorable story? 

Whatever dynamic environment aiming to be portrayed, the canvas of the LED volume wall can paint anything from a serene natural mountain view of Everest to cutting-edge 3D-rendered scenes of something out of Mission Impossible. At the heart of the LED volume setup lies the “plate” – a cinematic foundation portraying the backdrop, devoid of actors or subjects. A streamlined crew captures this essence by employing a single camera or a synchronised array of eight or more, spanning from a basic panorama to a full 360˚ vista. Video editing just got smoother and cooler, capable of uplifting the look and feel of your content.

Beyond all the amazing visual effects – virtual production can also be integrated with data collection tools to gather insights about user interactions, preferences, and behaviours within virtual environments. Wooshii (ahem ahem) can take this even further with Wooshii Insight; an AI powered tool that brings all your video data to one place, with comprehensive video analysis and predictive intelligence at your fingertips. Marketing videos… won’t ever be the same.

Creating video content can have a mega carbon impact. By reducing the need for physical sets and travel, virtual production contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach to marketing. Brands can align with sustainability values, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Video Creation Process

Let’s get behind the scenes of one of our latest virtual productions with superstar brand Mettler Toledo.

Wooshii Can help supercharge your video marketing strategy

Traditionally, filmmaking required a multitude of specialists to come together in a physical space. Virtual production, however, has transcended geographical limitations and reshaped collaboration. From planning to editing, video content is forever changed.

Want to introduce virtual production to your video marketing strategy? Let’s chat.

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