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What is Brand Lift?

Brand Lift is a tool that many marketers are using to understand the impact of their video campaigns. The old way of measuring success for a video campaign was to put your video out there and after the campaign was complete measure if the ad impacted sales. What was missing was the opportunity to optimize the video during the campaign. Makes sense right? Why would you want to see at the end of your campaign that your audience had not engaged! Brand lift gives you the chance to do just that.

Brand Lift is a neat way to understand how your ad is resonating before and whilst it is running

How? It is pretty simple.

First, you will need a video ad to advertise with, second Google will provide a list of questions for you to show to your audience. This step is key as the answers to these questions is the core of the brand lift; the answers will help you determine what is and isn’t working for your video.

As Google states, “Google will start showing your Brand Lift surveys on YouTube, before a video starts. These surveys will be shown to the following groups:

  1. People who have seen your ads
  2. People who were eligible to see your ads, but didn’t see them

Multiple surveys can be created for different metrics to be shown to users at different times. The difference in the responses between the group who saw your ads and the group who didn’t will determine the influence your ads have on key brand metrics, such as ad recall, awareness, consideration and more. This process continues as long as your campaigns are running. After a person receives a survey, they won’t be surveyed again for the next 28 days” Google Help

Does it work?

According to Google, “within a matter of days, Brand Lift gives you insights into how your ads are impacting the metrics that matter, including lifts in brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, favorability, purchase intent, and brand interest, as measured by organic search activity.”

Tune in next week as we will take a deeper look into understanding Viewernomics: the art and science of audience engagement! As ever, if you feel like we can help your brand with video, get in contact with us!

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