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1. Are we as agile as we need to be?

Even before the pandemic, customers, employees, investors and the media were increasingly judging organisations on their agility. Social media had quickened the pulse of business life for privately-owned companies and public bodies. The pandemic has heightened demand from consumers and employees’ demand for an immediate response to their needs and concerns.

When fast, agile communication is required, video is the perfect medium. Quickfire in execution and in delivery – thanks to significant advances in connectivity and infrastructure speed – video is being watched by more people more often than ever before.

It can be a relatively low-cost alternative to strategic campaigns yet still frame a relevant, memorable message. Video can be live-streamed in the moment but polished pieces can also be quickly delivered.

62% of global brands now use more video than they did at the beginning of 2017

It’s no surprise then, that video production is sky-rocketing: 62% of global brands now use more video than they did at the beginning of 2017, with 46% saying they use ‘much more’.

One underrated aspect of video’s agility is its versatility. Marketers are using it for many tasks, several of which have previously relied on traditional techniques, such as long copy. Wooshii’s research shows that marketing professionals use video for:

  • 52% Brand Storytelling
  • 51% Social Media Engagement
  • 48% Product/Service Overviews
  • 28% Testimonial/Case Study
  • 40% Internal Communications
  • 51% Employee Training Videos

For more insights like this, download our latest free video marketing report – Now & Beyond: The Road Map to Your Video Future, where we explore the key trends in video content marketing, particularly video’s use across business in the new world of hybrid working, the range of formats that can drive effective targeting and how to balance in-house production and expert external support.

We also look closely at the automotive industry, where video is playing a major role in the sales funnel. As more people research and virtually view vehicles, video is proving highly effective at persuading and influencing them at every stage of the purchase journey.

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