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9 Quick Fire Tips and Stats to Level Up Your Video Content

If you reading this then the chances are that your’re considering adding or already have added video to your marketing/business strategy…or maybe you’re a bit further into the process and need a little help to elevate your video content and take it to the next level. Whatever it is the experts here at Wooshii have put their heads together and compiled a list of 9 quick fire tips and stats to help set you up for video success – and set you apart from your competition. If you would like a bit more detail, need help devising your video strategy or perhaps want to discuss your productions needs, give Wooshii a call today.

1. Tl;dr? Aim for gv;dw instead

No doubt you’re familiar with the scathing online putdown ‘too long; didn’t read’, which fittingly is often used in its abbreviated form. Hey, a wall of text is off-putting and we’re all pushed for time! So why not turn unread blogs into enticing, memorable vlogs. That way you can swap tl;dr for gv;dw: great video, did watch.

2. Tell a great story but remain authentic

Good storytelling is essential. According to The Drum, 80% of consumers want brands to tell them stories, while 55% would consider buying a product or services on the back of a story well told. Yet only 36% think brands are good at telling their tale. In video marketing there are many elements to good storytelling. Chief among these is authenticity – not least for Millennials. Forbes found 43% of this demographic say brand authenticity is more important than content created. Meanwhile, 86% of consumers say authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support, according to research from content platform Stackla.

3. Let the experts take the pressure off your shoulders

Video remains a brave new world for many brands that have perhaps dabbled in the medium without it becoming a major part of their marketing mix. It’s understandable that some pressured marketers are put off by all that’s involved, from scripting and production to format considerations, publishing schedules, different audiences and metrics tracking. But Wooshii exists to make your life easier – and to make video work for you.

4. Video isn’t just agile, it’s also versatile

Marketers have begun to use it for many tasks, some of which previously relied on traditional techniques such as long copy. According to Wooshii’s research, marketing professionals use video for:

  • Brand storytelling 52%
  • Social media engagement 52%
  • Training 51%
  • Product/service overview 48%
  • Internal communications 40%
  • Testimonials and case studies 28%

5. The tide is on our side

Here’s a telling statistic: 62% of marketers are producing more video content than in 2017. In an age of tight budgets and an onus on effectiveness, this is a clear indicator of the impact video delivers. If your business or brand hasn’t upped its use of video over the past four or five years, you should take a long, hard look at whether you’re missing a trick.

6. Choose an approach that delivers complex projects fast

Our model combines centralised control with an almost infinite production network. This means we can deliver complex projects quickly, without the constraints that hamper traditional production agencies.

7. Quality is key to effectiveness

Video can work in a variety of ways. Longer films drive deep engagement, while shorter clips grab attention. But whatever kind of video content you are making and distributing, quality is the key to effectiveness. Media platforms use sophisticated algorithms to promote such aspects as original content and combat viral fake news. In other words, no matter how much video content you are producing, quality is paramount.

8. Let your audience watch when it suits them

In a world full of instant communication, we all prefer to consume and respond to messages at a time that suits us, thereby reducing messaging overload. In video, this is known as ‘asynchronous communication’ and it can deliver outstanding results. Research has found that professionals using asynchronous videos in customer relations are 88% more likely to have seen a revenue increase.

9. Give happy customers a platform

We all know how influential great reviews can be. Why not take that to another level with videos featuring testimony from happy customers?

Wooshii is an innovative video production company with the capacity to create video anywhere in the world, in any format, using a talent network of over 16,000 plus experts. Wooshii works with world-leading organisations across multiple industry sectors to enable consistent and reliable video production at scale, supporting a wide variety of internal and external marketing and communication functions. 

Need help devising your video strategy or perhaps want to discuss your productions needs, give Wooshii a call today.

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