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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Corporate Video Production

This article was written by Duane Rajkumar on behalf of One Inch Punch Pro, a Toronto based video production company with experience creating corporate videos, music videos, short films, reality television and more. They are one of our video-makers on Wooshii. Check out their profile here.


Develop A Clear Goal

It is imperative that you invest considerable time developing a clear goal before you start filming. You should define exactly what you’d like the video to do. You likely want to engage your audience and illustrate the company’s history and products. Much of this is accomplished through a well-written script as described above.If you don’t have a clear goal in place before you begin filming, you might lose sight of the original purpose and create a disorganized and ineffective corporate video production.

Define The Audience

Before you begin filming you should make an effort to clearly define your audience. This way, you’ll know exactly how to create the content and cater it for your target audience. While your company’s products and services might not appeal to the masses, they do have a special meaning to those who you’ve pinpointed as the target demographic. So narrow your video’s content to fit this demographic and don’t look back. You should have no fear of leaving details out of your production. Less is usually more, considering that the best videos are usually only one to two minutes long.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Attention spans are shrinking as time marches forward. The typical person will only remain engaged with a video for about a minute and a half. Consolidate the information that you’d like to present to create a story that is well-paced. It should get the point across in two minutes or less.

Connect With The Audience

Take your time when you are crafting the video’s storyboards. Your goal should be creating content that really makes an emotional connection with the audience. If this seems a bit too serious for your video, aim to create content that leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. It is critical to understand that almost every purchase is the result of an emotional decision. People are willing to overlook superior products and services for those that made a meaningful impact on their feelings. So, aim to engage the viewers in a way that will really make an impact on their emotions and your corporate video will be a success.


Rely On Amateurs For Voice Overs

While it is tempting to save money by using someone in-house for your voice-overs, it has the potential to backfire. Voiceovers add professionalism to your corporate video. Remember, you aren’t filming a family movie here. A voice-over artist knows all the tricks that are necessary to get an audience’s attention and instil trust in your brand.

Fast Or Slow Animation Pace

If you use animation in your video, take care to ensure that it is implemented at the proper pace. If it is either too fast or slow, it’ll conflict with your voice overs. This will confuse viewers. Animations and voice-overs should keep an even pace with one another. Even if you have an ample budget, you should take care to not go overboard with the visuals. Your video should be all about conveying a message instead of visually impressing viewers.

Let The Music Steal The Spotlight

While good music is critical to a video’s success, if it stands out too much, your viewers will lose sight of the video’s message. Music should be incorporated to supplement the video content, not steal viewers’ attention. So select your video’s soundtrack carefully.

Information Overload

Don’t bombard the viewer with information. Narrow your presentation down to what matters the most. This way, you won’t overwhelm viewers. Sometimes, less really is more. If you try to cram a bunch of company history into the video, you’ll rush it and the pace will be too fast for viewers to absorb. So pick and choose wisely. Select the material that is most important and build a story around this information.

Neglect The Script’s Importance

A video’s story and script are central to its success. While you might only be creating a video that is a minute in length, you should still build a solid story. People aren’t looking for just glitz and glamour. Most want to view something that has some substance to it. Try to write a script that grabs the viewer’s attention right away. This sets the stage for what is to follow and really serves to engage the audience from the start. When writing the script, focus on your company’s mantra and the products or services that it provides.

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