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Wooshii Dynamic

Looking to drive
exponential gains from your video advertising?

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WooshiiDynamic can:


100’s of ad variations through modular creative templates


Analyse and Optimise your ad variants across YouTube, Facebook, TikTok & Connected TV


Exponential performance gains, with average campaigns showing an 85% uplift in View Through Rate and 30%+ reduction in the Cost Per Completed View


brand awareness whilst maintaining the story-arc of your campaigns

WooshiiDynamic brings Audience, Media & Creative together

Dynamic Optimization = Exponential Gains

Dynamic Mix

Dynamic video creative for exponential gains

Finally, a way to optimise video creative

Audience Groups

Campaigns can be set-up across multiple publishers and targeted towards your key audience demographic on a “1 to many”  basis. A typical campaign will ideally consist of 3-4 core audiences.


Wooshii Dynamic is built for scale, and requires a minimum of 1M impressions to be served. The more impressions, the greater the optimisation and enhanced results.


Campaigns can be published across YouTube, FB (Instagram), TikTok and connected TV.



There are initial set-up costs to build out the campaign templates, followed by a monthly campaign license fee £TBC dependent on campaign scope.


Campaigns can be set-up within just 30 days and typically run for 3-6 months depending on your campaign goals and budget


Campaigns are set to optimise against a single KPI; either CTR or VTR

Our Work

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