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It’s not just a video sharing tool, it’s a video producer’s productivity platform!

Trusted to deliver by the biggest brands in the world

A video collaboration tool with no
restrictions, built for producers.

Key features:

🚀 Send video files with ease, speed and no data caps

⏰ Receive timestamped feedback from viewers

✅ Resolve comments and proceed with efficiency

🎨 Custom watermarks and industry-leading security controls

🤝 Unlimited support from our video services team

What’s all about?

If you’re a video producer working on multiple projects, isn’t it frustrating when you need to share large video files? The whole process can be a bit of an ordeal.

First you have to upload the file to a platform that probably has a file size limit and can be complex to explain to a client or colleague. Then you wait an hour for it to compress before sending a link to your viewer. Who then has to wait for the video to download before giving feedback, usually via email, that can be tricky to follow.

All that time and effort soon adds up.

Video tools are are nothing new. However, as a producer, many of the tools available today don’t quite hit the mark.

On one end of the scale you have the well known commoditised video sharing tools. They get the job done, but you suffer through storage caps and limited features that mean the experience for your customers is second rate.

On the other hand you have high-end video collaboration platforms and cloud-based apps with super-functionality. They’re like the Iron Man of the video sharing platform world, but can be costly, complex and full of functionality that you and your customers will never use.

So all this got us thinking.

We make hundreds of videos for our clients. If we were to build a video collaboration and sharing platform, what would it look like? It would:

⚡ Process videos lightning fast so we could quickly send links to customers and video production teams

🔗 Allow stakeholders to promptly see their videos in the browser, with no need to download

🔛 Make turning on and off the downloads, comments and approvals functions super easy to control

🚫 Never have any restrictions on file sizes or lock-up functionality

💸 Be FREE!

So we created

A quality video sharing platform and feedback tool positioned right in the sweet spot between simplicity and functionality. And now you can use it too, on us! Get started today for free, and discover more details on the Woosh website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a subscription cost?

Woosh offers two subscription packages.

Free Forever which gives you 5GB storage and access to all standard product features, or Pro which gives 250GB storage, access to all standard product features PLUS custom URLs and video watermarks from $29 per month.

Find more on our packages here.

What are the key features?

Efficiency & Speed
Lightning Processing | Toggle Settings | In-Browser Preview

Video Sharing
Live Preview | Subtitles | Download Protection | Auto-render | All File Types | Custom Link | Mobile Optimized

Gather Feedback
Feedback Capture | Approval Requests

Branding Tools
Baked-In Watermarks

Video Security
Password Protection | Watermarks

Check out more feature details here.

How much storage space will I get & is there a file size limit?

Our Free Forever subscription gives you 5GB storage, while our Pro subscription offers 250GB storage.

There are no limits! Your video files can be as large as you need them to be, up to the storage space associated with your subscription package.

How secure is

Security is extremely important to us, particularly when working with high profile companies. We’ve built in a number of industry-leading security features such as password protection, data encryption and watermarking to give you complete confidence that your work is safe and secure.

More information on our security controls can be found here.

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