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A Unique Mix of Creative Video Production Services & Scalable Technology

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We work with world-leading organisations across multiple industry sectors producing consistent & reliable video production at scale


Bespoke Creative Video Solutions

A leading video production company with the capacity to create video anywhere in the world in any format, using a talent network of over 16,000 experts and partners


Robust Template Creation

Unlimited access to the world’s best creative footage and image library (Getty) and a proven network of on-location crew

Self Serve, On-Demand Video Creation

A “self service” video creation option that allows  you to create on brand videos in minutes

Scalable, Dynamic Video Creation

Industry proven mass creation technology that delivers high production quality for a very low marginal cost

Always On Video Creation Workflows

Concept & Template Creation


  • Wooshii ‘s creative team work on creative Concepts
  • Concepts implemented as templates that lock in brand guidelines, graphics, animation and even storytelling
  • Create a rich library of templates
  • Commercially licensed use of millions of Getty assets included
  • Enriched by external data and bespoke Wooshii assets

Automated Video Generation


  • Engine takes in data and visual assets from internal and external sources
  • Creates 1000s of videos in bulk in multiple languages (UTF-8) and multiple formats
  • Content driven by dynamic templates

Verification & Quality Control


  • Integrated, mobile friendly review and approval interface for the Wooshii team
  • Content curation of visual assets in videos and text can be replaced with a few simple clicks
  • Quality control team will have access to the fully integrated content repository

On-demand, Self Serve Videos

Web & mobile friendly self serve tool to democratise video creation

Select from template library created and maintained by Wooshii team

Easily replace relevant text fields as permitted in the template

Search & replace image or video assets from a fully integrated Getty library, bespoke Wooshii assets & any external asset bank

Few clicks to preview and produce a customized, on brand video




Ensuring Quality With Automation

Smart Content Organisation


  • Integrated content repository (external and internal)
  • Content organisation, tagging & mapping
  • Validated language translation

Intelligent Automation


  • Intelligent text Scaling
  • “Locked in” branding /graphics
  • Proven multi aspect ratio/version rendition

Manual Review


  • Simplified web and mobile friendly QA interface
  • Spot checking by experienced Wooshii team
  • Review, replace assets and approve in a few clicks
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