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Synergy or Substitution

🤖 Why Your Next Team Member Won’t Need a Coffee Break.
In an era where AI’s capabilities are skyrocketing, “Synergy or Substitution” explores how AI is reshaping the marketing landscape, not as a tool of displacement but as a partner in innovation and creativity.

This talk explores how LLM’s and AI Agents can become your most reliable teammates — assuming you know how to onboard them.

“I was already in awe of this stuff but you just blew my mind”

BBC, Media Head

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What is the cost?

No Fee.

Just cover the cost of travel and accommodation if required.

Who is the speaker?

Fergus Dyer-Smith
CEO – Founder

Fergus leads Wooshii, one of the pioneering companies introducing AI into the content and marketing operations of global enterprises and agencies. Wooshii-Insight, their product, combines content analysis, data, and AI agents to bring significant productivity gains to marketing and content teams.

Prior to Wooshii-Insight, Fergus founded one of the world’s first online two-sided marketplaces for content creators, co-founded Europe’s leading winter music festival, started a brewery and is an investor and advisor to numerous creative technology companies.

What will the talk cover?

Fergus will dive into

🟪 How LLM’s (Large Language Models) work
🟪 Their limitations
🟪 How to get the most out of them
🟪 AI agents and the future of marketing teams
🟪 Why the future is already here
🟪 Man and machine – how to work with AI agents to massively impact productivity.

How long is the talk?

The slots typically are one hour – with the talk taking between 30 and 40 minutes.

Trusted by enterprise brands across the world

“I would highly recommend Wooshii to anyone wanting production of a professional video – they worked within strict brand guidelines and were extremely professional from start to finish ensuring they delivered on time, in budget and to the brief.”
Katie Melia
Product Marketing Manager,
Optum Health Solutions
“Thermo Fisher has managed to build a hugely successful video operation thanks to Wooshii. We are outputting hundreds of videos a year and Wooshii just makes it all so easy.“
Andrew Green
Global Marketing Development Leader,
Thermo Fisher Scientific
“For our molecular diagnostic product awareness video, Wooshii understood our brand, product, and audience. It was impressive to see how quickly and professionally they communicated throughout.”
Supriya Trika
Content Marketing Manager,
“SCIEX has worked with Wooshii for the past several years to capture scientific presentations from our largest customer-facing event of the year, which encompasses recording and producing upwards of 30 final high res videos from several concurrent rooms and on multiple days. They are incredibly reasonably priced for the service they offer and make the process incredibly easy.”
Melissa Duggan
Senior Marketing Specialist,

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