Wooshii Scale

Wooshii Scale: endless creative possibilities for all your video and animation needs at your fingertips.

Wooshii’s direct access platform, Wooshii Scale, allows you to make the most of the Wooshii Network or your existing production network. Quickly and efficiently source talent, negotiate rates, contract and manage your video production operations.

Scale is the tool that communication, marketing and production teams have been waiting for. A single platform that brings all parties involved in a video job together. Source talent anywhere in the globe. Share, save, comment on audio/video files, and much more… from pre to post production!

From pitch to video

Control your Budget & Save Time

Wooshii Scale allows you to outsource and manage creative talent. Post your job on Wooshii Scale to 10,000+ creators worldwide and start receiving pitches within hours.

  • Post a job, set your budget (outsourcing crew talent is a lot less expensive, with average savings of 43% compared market rates)
  • Wait for those inspiring pitches to pour in or invite individuals to pitch on your brief
  • Shortlist: ask questions to Creators
  • Select a winner you trust with your video or animation, and get the ball rolling
From pitch to video
From that to Wooshii

Invite Creators On Board

Before we hand Wooshii Scale over to you, we can add your existing network of creators, freelancers and video production teams. Drive time and pricing efficiencies as they compete and pitch for your jobs. You can easily manage your network: invite your colleagues to take part in a particular project or invite specific creators to pitch on your jobs. You can still make the most of our talent pool, and broaden your search to all Wooshii creators should you need fresh talent.

Add creators to your own network

Organise and Find New Talent

Once your network is onboarded you will have a private network that jobs can be posted to. Of course you can also access the wider Wooshii network should you need to.

Now you can easily find people that your colleagues have worked with or broaden your search.
The Wooshii network has creators all across the globe that can help with your productions.

The Wooshii platform

Manage Production Efficiently

Once you have selected a Creator for your job, you can communicate with them via the inProduction™ chat tool - or Job chat. Communications with your client will be made through the similar Client chat.

  • Both dialogues allow you to:
  • Upload and share files
  • Communicate in real time with both client and creator
  • Keep track of costs and budgets
  • Share files with third parties
  • Comment on videos
  • Sign off a job
  • Provide feedback
The Wooshii platform

One Contract

As the need for video grows, so does the supplier base. We make your vendor management easier as all your corporate video production services jobs are booked and billed through a single resource.

Navigating procurement, setting up new contracts and making payments can all become overwhelming. Wooshii allows you to have global access to thousands of creators all through one global vendor agreement and one point of payment. One contract; thousands of suppliers.

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