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Shoot. Edit on the Fly. Share ;)

Madrid, Spain


Scriptwriting, Planning, Shooting, producing, editing and designing for our clients. Incubating ideas and transforming them into facts.

We will always be passionate about all we do, and this is the combination of a a buch of carefully selected ingredients that make us who we are:

1. An average of 2,700 hours of Sunlight per year.

2. 250gr of Paella a week per head.

3. 23 MacBooks and iMacs.

4. A round of Sangria once a week (trainee always pays).

5. Fully equipped production company with the most sophisticated tools to play with.

6. 2,356,200 minutes of waiting for renders.

8. 12 Kool Kids.

7. 500km a month on our Production Van.

9. Epic night every now and then when The Classic (Barcelona/Madrid) takes place. Both of our offices (one in each city) are interconnected via Skype so we can make sure that we yell at each other properly.

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Madrid, Spain



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