The Nintendo Wii was launched over six years ago, but YouTube just released an application for the console a few days ago. Many users find the Wii to work well as a way to explore their favourite videos whilst relaxing on the couch, but no one could surf the variety offered by the Internet’s biggest video host for the past six years. Anyone that owns a Wii can open the Nintendo Wii Shops channel to download and install this free application.

More Platforms Mean More Views

Each time YouTube expands to a new device, companies that use video promotions can start working towards an increase in views. The Wii app fully supports the search function. This will really help if your company produces useful videos that demonstrate how to do something cool or helpful. Consumers throwing a party can quickly pull up your funny video to show their friends, especially since most console owners keep their Wii in the living room. All new videos are being encoded to run on the WebM player for the Wii and YouTube is working to use this encoding method for optimising all of the previously uploaded content as well.