Since Google has acquired the company, they have been adding a number of features to Youtube to help increase income opportunities for everyone involved. One of the latest updates included details on an upcoming paid content channel programme. Some of the largest content channels on the platform have already been invited to apply to help test out the creation of a payment wall system. If your company has been searching for a new revenue stream, you may want to consider producing high quality video content that viewers would be willing to pay for.

Regular Access

So far, the details released show that Youtube plans to allow channel owners to sell access to their library of content. Viewers will each pay between $1 and $6 for a month of access to all of the clips. This means that you don’t even have to keep pumping out new videos to bring in a healthy monthly income. The low cost will hopefully encourage viewers to pay for content they once were able to view for free.

Few Details

There are many issues that will have to be hammered out between Youtube and the major channels that will beta test the programme. Relatively few details have been released so far, mainly because the company hasn’t made up its mind on some problems yet. It’s not clear if these channels will simply lock all of their content behind the paywall or if certain clips will remain free and open for access. Many video marketing experts are expecting that the channels will open secondary accounts to organise their free and paid content separately. Others may simply set certain parts of their library behind the paywall with custom controls.

Making Video Profitable

The Internet’s most popular video producers have been struggling to monetise their clips for years now. Convincing viewers to pay a small fee for each video has been an uphill battle so far, but the popularity of Youtube may change this. The success of a paywall feature will depend on how easy it will be to use the payment methods. Each channel will also have to make sure their premium content is worth the cost if they want to see plenty of subscribers flocking to their future clips. A few professionally made videos with rich and helpful information may provide a surprising amount of extra income for you and your company.