There are many ways Online Video can help a company, increasing conversion rates and sales are one for example, improve customer engagement another, and increase brand awareness yet another one (there are many more still).

And that’s exactly one key point that Wall Street Hournal’s Video Director, Rahul Chopra and Reuters’ Head of Global Programming, Dan Colarusso, talk about at the Video News Strategy Session.

It is more directed for news organizations but the strategy and advice make perfect sense for other companies too. Take a look:

As journals are using online video to give their audiences an insight into the mind of the journal, so can other companies can give an insight into the mind of their workers and their culture. Or if your brand has a difficult name to pronunciate correctly, like Reuters’ Dan Colarusso mentions, it’s a great way to educate your customers.

So as you see many the possibilities and options to use Online Video to increase your brand awareness are limitless.

Oh, and again the importance of using video to linking back to your site is mentioned!