What makes a good pitch?

We have pulled together the key elements of winning projects and created the Wooshii Pitch Scorecard. If you are a video maker pitching on projects you will start to see feedback and scores out of 10 from the team. These scores are not visible to the project posters but will now contribute to your overall Wooshii score.


  • Have you referred to the buyer’s company / brief specifically?
  • Is the pitch well written overall?
  • Is the selected example video relevant to the buyer’s brief?
  • Do you describe an idea or style approach for the buyer?
  • Are you descriptive about your working process / what is included in the brief?
  • Do you give background about your past experience?
  • Did you pitch on the correct type of video (i.e. an animator pitching on an animation)?
  • Do you quote a higher price in your pitch?

We are often being asked about daily pitch limits –  you can bid on 10 projects in a 24 hour period.

Our video clients are looking for the most relevant pitches, we are encouraging you to write great pitches, win more business, improve your Wooshii rating  – everybody wins.

Be sure to keep your pitches unique and high quality too. Buyers don’t like reading obvious copy/paste material as it de-values their view of you as a creative in terms of effort. Put the effort in and receive results!

From your friends at Wooshii