Viral Marketing regardless of the form it takes, causes the following internal reaction in the reader:

Viral marketing is called such because it’s ‘infectious.’ It uses one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing tools in history – the word of mouth.

Word of mouth marketing empowers the consumer. As a consequence happy, interested people will say good things about you to their peers, friends and family all of whom are likely to be your target audience.

Why viral content is the new King?

1. Social media loves viral content. If people like your viral, posts will be made on various social media sites. As your post is passed along social media networks you can expect it to be championed by various users, creating a snowball effect for the content in question. This kind of social media success has the potential to bring hundreds of new visitors and subscribers to your blog.
2. Viral content generates inbound links. As viral content is both shared and talked about this will commonly occur through links into your blog, website etc

3. It can bring streams of traffic over long periods. The best forms of viral content are timeless, and the snowball effect of such posts can roll on for long periods of time.

4. It creates buzz around your product, service or website. Viral content is great for spreading your brand throughout your niche. Your name and viral articles will seem to be turning up everywhere: in link round-ups, in social media, and so on. That kind of visibility will ensure your chosen niche begins to recognize your name.

5. It encourages engagement. Viral content is meant to be talked about.