Social video’s blend of interaction and video content takes advantage of the halo effect caused by influential people in a circle of friends, family and acquaintances. When making social videos a part of your marketing campaign, you need to tread carefully. Social video must engage your viewers on a deeper level to achieve the impact you’re aiming for. Unlike viral videos, social clips are meant to encourage and keep conversations going back and forth.

Avoid Erratic Posting

Part of what drives social video marketing is the availability of new content on a regular basis. This keeps conversations related to your content alive among your viewers. If you’re erratic, you won’t build a community of regular viewers who will pass on your content and its message to others in their social circles. Experiment with features such as guest spots from viewers and video replies to questions from your followers if you’re concerned about running out of content or time constraints.

Don’t Beat a Dead Horse

If you want viewers to get excited by your content and engage their friends, you need to bring something new to the table. Worn-out topics and the news from last week isn’t enough. Stay on top of emerging topic trends that you can relate to your content to wow viewers and keep them coming back for more. Approach debates from different angles and don’t be afraid to discuss hot topics as they emerge. By giving your viewers something new, you’ll attract more immediate interest.

Do Not Lock Your Content

Your social media must be easy to share through a variety of platforms. If you restrict sharing, your message won’t spread as far as it can. A significant factor in your social video marketing success is how far your word travels. Help your viewers by making your content as ‘shareable’ as possible.

Don’t Forget Your Viewers

You have to engage your viewers in a way that makes them feel valuable and appreciated. Posting content regularly certainly helps, but take it up a notch by encouraging feedback, listening and responding to their comments and asking for their input. Use their suggestions and chatter to improve your content and come up with new ideas, but make sure you give credit when it’s due. By properly crediting those viewers whose suggestions helped you directly, you’ll show you value your viewers and take their feedback seriously.