Youtube quietly launched a few days ago a new feature to help market your videos and brand, callend InVideo Programming.

What is it?

InVideo Programming is a feature that enables you to embed a chosen video or your channel logo across all of the videos on your channel.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? This builds up to the tools Youtube provides to help people and brands better market themselves and most importantly their channel, through each and every one of their Youtube videos.

Basically helping you drive videos through your other videos. A bit like adding annotations for your videos, but adding the power of image and video to it!

How can you start with InVideo Programming?

It’s quite easy. While on your Youtube account, go to Settings and then to Channel settings. Then just click on ‘InVideo Programming’, where you can choose either to feature your channel branding or one of your videos across all of your videos.

Featuring a video

If you choose to feature a video, then you’ll get a screen where you’ll have to choose one of your videos, and then at what position it will be in (bottom right, top left, etc), end of video or customized time, and duration of the video.


Featuring your channel

If on the other hand you choose to feature your channel, then you just have to choose the position where your avatar will be placed, along with the display time (entire video by default).


That’s it, pretty straightforward, but likely to drive more views and interest to your videos and channel.

What do you think of this new Youtube feature?