Your online video campaign can become even easier if you have the right tools. Take advantage of the wide variety of low cost and free video tools available online to increase your content quality without straining your budget.


Prizi is a slideshow tool for online content with unique editing features.
You can use Prizi editing to zoom in and around during the slideshow, giving it a more dynamic and exciting presentation. Prizi has a free option, but you can get low-cost monthly plans for more features and bigger storage space.


GoAnimate is a low cost, easy to use animation application. You can make quick videos from pre-existing stock or create your own characters, music and settings for your content from scratch.

Animation isn’t for everyone. Some ad campaign styles don’t lend themselves to an animated representation, such as a detail-oriented product presentation. At the same time, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t find a subject for your comic or creative video ideas, this format might do the trick.


Magistro is a free handy tool if you’ve got a lot of footage to go through or just aren’t confident in your own eye. The program scans your uploaded footage, selects the best pieces and then puts those pieces together in what it determines is the best order. Once it’s done, you can add music and other effects.

You can use Magistro to help you quickly decide what your best footage is before you make your final videos. If you’re not happy with the way Magistro puts your footage together, at least you’ll have an idea of what your best shots are from the batch you’re working on.

Common Craft

Common Craft is cut-out video presentation software. You use moving white boards or paper cut-out figures to convey your message. Common Craft gives you a distinct way to explain ideas, as opposed to the more commonly use slideshow format, so your instructional or tutorial videos stand out from your competitors. Currently, Common Craft offers different membership plans by level, so there are affordable options.

Youtube Editor

If you’re already on Youtube, you’ve probably seen or had some experience with its free editing tool. However, the editor offers a lot of features you should take advantage of to improve your uploaded content. Take the time to review all the editor’s tools, such as the stabilizing feature, so you’re getting full use out of it.