Home Internet users are constantly busy, visiting social networking sites and checking their email from any number of devices. However, one activity stands out above all others when it comes to residential traffic. A recent study completed by Sandvine, known as the Global Internet Phenomena Report, shows that streaming video accounts for nearly 50% of all Internet traffic for personal use. Netflix and Youtube hold the two top spots for downstream traffic, with Netflix bringing in 32% and Youtube contributing just over 17%.

Massive Time Spent on Viewing

Internet browsers are primarily looking for entertainment when they log on from home. Netflix remains at the top of the list because they celebrated more than four billion hours of content viewing in the first quarter of 2013. As their library grows, their viewership will surely expand. However, it is Youtube’s explosive growth that is most interesting to content producers. The company saw a 4% increase in their share of the total traffic this year over 2012. For mobile devices alone, Youtube accounted for a massive 25% of all bandwidth.

How to Join in the Stream

With so much traffic spent on streaming video, it’s obvious that no content marketing strategy is complete without the integration of Youtube content. Designing a complete and effective expansion campaign requires you to focus on multiple fronts at once. Interlocking projects that share common traits and messages can provide a surprising improvement to your company’s online reputation.

Other Platforms

Whilst there are dozens of platforms across the Internet to choose from, you may still want to upload your content to Youtube in the end. The sheer amount of data being sent over residential connections from this single source makes it worthwhile using the platform. Even companies that invest in powerful custom hosting solutions should still mirror their uploads onto Google’s video platform for the best exposure.

Getting Social

Building your own empire to dominate the video traffic rankings takes a lot of hard work, but social sharing is worth the effort for most companies. Facebook may account for a relatively small percentage of total traffic. However, it still has a major impact on how people find new video content. Make your clips easy to share and remember to add a call to action to each one to convert casual viewers into fans that return for all of your new updates.