We’ve talked a lot about – and made a few posts – on how video is a big force in the online world, and bringing more engadgement (and conversion) to companies everywhere.

Lately we’ve been thinking about Kickstarter and their use of video – not the company itself, but the people who post projects. You see, if you take a look at the most popular projects, you’ll see each and every one of them as great videos to go along.

We’ll get back to that, but let’s go Kickstarter – the company – for a moment. Yes, it is true that they don’t make the videos, people who post projects do. But, they did build the platform in which video takes a pivotal role in every project’s page.

So let’s go back to the projects again, and to the fact that the most popular projects tend to have great videos. This could be a coincidence, of course, and granted video itself would not make a bad project seem amazing and get people throwing money at them. But we think having a good project, plus having a great video, are a mix that makes the chances of you getting the needed funding for your project much higher.

This is an obvious example, but of course, they had to have great footage from the get go!

So let’s take a look at other popular projects that are not footage based. The Eephus League Baseball Scorebook Revival Project, for example, which is 108% funded and with 25 days still to go:

Or The Manual (101% funded):

You see the point: again, not saying merely having video or a good video at that is the main caus, but it does help promote and let people engage both with Kickstarter and the project at hand itself.