Building a well-rounded library of video content is quite a feat on its own. However, a lot of clips and videos won’t necessarily boost your bottom line by themselves. Video is usually used as just one part of a larger social marketing scheme, especially when it is being leveraged by a large and competitive corporation. Video success relies on sharing, discussion and other social media activities. Look into techniques for turning a Youtube page into an instant community if you want amazing returns on your investment.

Embrace Comments, Even Bad Ones

Keeping spam and inappropriate content out of your comment sections does require a little extra work. For most producers, the interaction provided by commenting can’t be beaten. Encouraging feedback from viewers is the easiest way to learn what your visitors want to see in your next releases. If you don’t have the time or staff to respond personally to every comment on your content, pick a few for each week and send off quick replies to show that there is a human behind your company.

Encourage Early Activity

Snagging a high spot on the Youtube search rankings requires a lot of social activity on your page. It’s best if you can get comments and shares early on with each clip. The biggest boost in rankings will come from the attention your video gets in its first 48 hours. As soon as the upload ends, send links through all of your distribution networks. Companies without social distribution plans should create a basic model of sharing content before developing very many video clips. Failing to share your content properly with viewers you already know are interested could cause you to fall behind your competitors when searchers look for keywords related to your content.

Get Talking

Setting up a separate account that is clearly linked to your company could help you kick off the conversation with viewers in the comments section. Use this employee or branded account to make an initial comment and break the ice. Many times a single comment is effective at starting a deluge of notes and recommendations. Don’t try to hide the connection between the account and your brand or you run the risk of appearing to fake interest in your own content. Kick off a lively discussion by asking a question or requesting feedback from people who watch the clip.