The trend of making unboxing videos is a probably as old as Youtube (which isn’t much!), and at its core it has been done for gadget-type products and by fans or reviewers. Ahh, the act of opening a brand new product and analyzing what’s on the inside!

It is great when it is a highly anticipated product and someone gets it early, but not so much when everybody can access it. And let’s face it, not all unboxings are terribly exciting. So, as what happens with all trends, brands found a way to market their products through this, mostly making some unsual and pretty cool unboxing videos. And others found a way to spoof them!

And that’s what we’re going to see on this post, a selection of 10 nice twists and spoofs on Unboxing.

10. “NX10 UNBOXING, awesome Flip book” — not that great, but original concept, and first of many from Samsung.

9. “LG Optimus Black P970 – Film: Unbox to Find the LG Optimus Black and More” — the most recent one on the list.

8. “Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition Unboxing” – ok concept, but the end result isn’t so good.

7. “Let’s End Unboxing Videos” – cool spoof.

6. “Macbook Pro Unboxing” – another cool spoof, by UCB Comedy sketch group.

5. “Samsung GALAXY S II — Extreme Unboxing — Rollercoaster” – another unboxing video from Samsung, this one for a mobile phone.

4. “Funny Unboxing Samsung’s New Digital Camera ST550” – again with Samsung, and also an interesting twist.

3. “Unboxing the Verizon DROID X! – SEXY!” – this is from a Youtube channel called “Unboxing Porn”, another funny/spoof take on unboxing.

2. “Samsung Omnia (i900) Unboxing” (3.7 Million views) – one of the best!

1. “NINJA’S UNBOXING” (+2 Million views) – this video by Patrick Boivin is, hands down, my favourite! Ninjas and stop-motion? Oh yeah!

So yes unboxing is a good kind of video to market your product if you find the right approach – shock and awe, spoof – whatever might be better suited for the product and brand in question.