Even as Internet video explodes in popularity, there are many reasons that business owners cite when defending their decision not to utilise video marketing. Some of these excuses are reasonable and informed, whilst others are simply myths. Learning more about the true impact of video can help to break down these myths.

You Need Millions Of Views

Over two thirds of the videos on the Internet will never receive more than 1,000 views. However, you don’t need one million views to give your business a big boost with video. A few hundred views can still translate into dozens of new clients or sales, if you know how to target viewers that are interested and motivated.

It’s Too Expensive

With the proliferation of affordable recording and editing equipment, videographers are charging less than you might expect for their work. Small businesses can still get a quality marketing clip made if they only have a budget of a few hundred dollars.

It Has To Be Flashy

You don’t have to create a Hollywood production just to capture the attention of viewers. Some of the most effective marketing videos are the simplest. Stick to the point and your message will be heard loud and clear.