Here are some of the links that we liked and shared over the past week. Enjoy:


US Marketers See Big Opportunity for Online Video Advertising in Europe

How To Use Online Video To Improve Conversion Rates

Webby’s ONLINE FILM & VIDEO Viral nominees

Google’s YouTube Strategy: 101 YouTube Channels for Three Key Reasons

University just got flipped: how online video is opening up knowledge to the world

Everyone loves mid-rolls, at least more than pre-rolls


Meet the Voices of All Your Favorite Cartoon Characters in This Documentary

Exclusive: Tupac Coachella Hologram Source Explains How Rapper Resurrected

Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel Star in New Apple Ads [VIDEOS]

BlackMagic Cinema Camera: Whopping 2.5K Resolution for Under $3000

Some Serious Effort Went Into Restoring Jaws for Blu-ray

RED teases 4K REDray player and projector for the theater / millionaire set

The Canon C300 (DeVito) Gets a Genetically Superior Twin, the 4K C500 (Schwarzenegger)

And there you have it, till the next week 😉