Wooshii members and Youtube Stars The Fine Brothers keep pushing the envelope and a few days ago, their new show/Youtube sitcom? MyMusic News premiered.

What is very relevant about it is how it is structured and makes use of the medium that is Youtube to be more interesting than if would be posted as a one 20 minutes length show, a mere transposition of a TV show to a different medium.

Instead of that, all the different segments are their own videos, small, bit-sized, and more shareable, and “glued” together by annotations, making the show highly interactive. For instance, if you want to skip right to the “Innertube” segment, which is meant to find the next Youtube star, you just click on the menu annotations on the right or in the playlist below, ,and you are taken to that video.

Video annotations to make an interactive video are nothing new of course, and the Fine Brothers are experts in that, but what is new and clever about this show is that it could very well be a 20 minute video, but instead they turned it into what is more appropriate to the medium and their audience.

Here’s a breakdown (make sure you have annotations on):

And it’s all part of a bigger picture it seems, with live shows on Youtube and more.

It just seems the Youtube strategy of getting better content by funding some of their partners to do new original channels is paying off. The Nerdist Youtube channel is even a bigger paradigm of how content is being produced for Youtube, with a different show every day of the week – quite similar to TV networks – and better production values.

But back to the MyMusic Show, here’s a trailer for it that shows a further look into its extended cast of characters:

Will be interesting to follow this project and we’re sure many other interesting Youtube channels will be unveiled soon that will be changing the medium.

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