New data released by the video analytics team at Ooyala show a surprising increase in the viewing of online video on one particular type of device. Tablet owners are watching more and more videos each day. This is becoming increasingly easier for consumers as tablets become more powerful and publishers ensure they use encoding and embedding methods that work with these devices. Their reports only further prove the importance of looking beyond laptops and smart phones when creating marketing or informational content.

The previous two quarters in 2012 saw an increase of about 90 percent in the amount of time viewers spent watching online videos. This trend was noticed when analysts went over the data gathered from nearly 200 million viewers. Ooyala tracks their viewing habits to provide important insights that video producers need. Over 70 percent of people using a tablet watched at least 10 minutes of video content at a time, with nearly one third of all users watching more than an hour of content in one sitting. Many online video experts are saying that this data proves that the flexibility of tablets is bringing a big boost to the world of Internet videos.

Tablets and other hand held devices weren’t the only platform that showed an increase in average viewing time over the last two quarters. People also tuned in on their favourite gaming consoles. With companies like Nintendo finally adding YouTube access on the Wii, the next quarter should be even stronger for these multipurpose platforms. The last two quarters saw users spending twice as much time enjoying videos as in previous periods. In comparison, viewers using a desktop computer only spent an average of 40 minutes in each viewing session.

Interest in long-format videos is growing across all of the devices. Viewers are developing longer attention spans for visual content. If you have been holding back on a major video project, you can start developing a bigger release without worrying that its length will limit views. This is especially useful for companies that can benefit from producing informational content that deserves 20 or 30 minutes of coverage. Television programmers and movie producers are leveraging online video around the world to reach a broader base of viewers. There’s no reason that a clever commercial or engaging product guide can’t be just as successful if it is designed and executed properly.