Social videos are becoming a benchmark in video marketing campaigns. More and more viewers are using social networks to spread messages, which influences friend circles and creates buzz. You can check how your social videos are doing by starting with the common hub of it all, Youtube, but it’s not always easy to gather all the metrics. New free social video tool, Strike Social promises to help you with the job, but does it deliver? 

The Strike Score

The benchmark tool of the online analyzer, which is available after you complete a free registration at Strike Social’s official website, is the “Strike Score.” The score is determined by more than 100 different sets of data, according to Strike Social’s CEO, Patrick McKenna. Data sets are gleamed from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and the number you receive is designed to serve as a general indicator of your content’s performance. 

Analytical Breakdown 

Strike Social offers users detailed analytical data for their content. You can look at view numbers, track channel subscriber rates and get data for individual videos. A unique feature of the Strike Social data is the listing of viewer comments, which you can then sort by the commenter’s social media following size. This allows you to identify your most influential viewers.

You can respond to comments directly while in the Strike Social interface. 

According to McKenna, Strike Social is currently working on adding more features to its tools, including geographic information and in-tool recommendations regarding content placement. Its most significant offering currently is the scoring system.

Since Strike Social is a relatively new product, it’s not entirely known how effective the tools actually are. Early users’ reports have expressed satisfaction with the scoring system but have noted bugs, such as missing comments. 

For users new to the social marketing scene or those veterans who are running multiple campaigns at once, Strike Social does offer a quick and easy way to view campaign feedback and data. The lack of geographical data does limit its applications, especially for brands focusing on a specific region. 

Given that Strike Social is currently free, it’s definitely worth a try if you’re curious about how your videos are doing in general or are short on evaluation time. While the Strike Social tools are not meant to cover all your campaign evaluation needs, they can certainly give you a head start by providing some benchmark data for your content.