So you’re a creative and you have a great idea for one of the projects on Wooshii.

Story boarding is a great way to get your ideas across when submitting your ideas to a given project on Wooshii.

It allows you quickly and cheaply give some meat to the bones of your idea.

Let’s pretend you’re making a video called Boy Loses Girl. The story is simple, involving a man getting a call from his girlfriend, leaving his apartment to drive to his girlfriend’s house, talking to her and then leaving the city.

Take your script idea and read the opening scene. Now close your eyes and think about the way it ought to play on screen. What should be the first image the audience sees? Perhaps you want to open with a wide shot of the house. Maybe you think an extreme close up of the telephone will be better. Both of these shots are different; both communicate different things. But drawing them first and then looking at them in series can only help you see which one you like best. And that also saves you time when you’re shooting.

If you’ve decided to go with the close-up of the telephone, then you don’t need to shoot the exterior of the house and vice-versa. It also saves time in editing because when it comes time to put it all together, you already know exactly how to arrange the shots. Of course, this isn’t to say things won’t or can’t change. But the value of storyboarding is enormous nonetheless. Continue with this procedure until you’ve storyboarded your whole script. Now look at your drawings. Yes, that’s the way you want your video to look.

Remember, storyboards can give a really good idea of how your concept will work and is an excellent way for brands and client to visualise your idea when making a decision as to which idea to award the project winnings.