Phil Nottingham, Distilled’s video strategist talks video marketing

Wooshii CEO Fergus interviews Phil Nottingham from Distilled on how startups can make the most of video in their marketing. This video is for startups and new businesses who have considered video but not quite found a way to make it work for them yet

Watch the video as Fergus and Phil help you figure out:

  • 00.40 Young startup companies going into growth phase – where does video fit?
  • 02:50 Content as the bread and butter of marketing
  • 03.15 Defining problems that video may or may not solve
  • 04:45 Looking at the unique value of video in reintroducing the human element to marketing
  • 06:50 Video as a way to convey emotion via music and image
  • 08:00 Onsite vs offsite video – understanding your video channel strategies
  • 10:00 A lunatic analogy about football and marketing funnels
  • 11:15 Youtube as a channel – 3 big things startups need to know
  • 14:00 Unique content – are you using the correct definition for your marketing videos?


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